Glee, S3 Ep11 – Yes/No

Synchronized Proposals

After a 5 week hiatus Glee is back…for one episode before another hiatus.  But at least that ones only a one week break.  Thank the President for that one. I get enough bad news listening to NPR every day, I’m not sure I need to hear it from the Pres now too. /rant

Anyway…Glee is back with an episode dedicated almost entirely to Wemma and Finchel. YAWN. Needless to say, as someone who rewatches her favorite episodes of shows to death, this is not one I will be rewatching much. Not a Wemma or Finchel fan, me.

Glee Gets Greasy

Tell Me More, Tell Me More

Glee Gets Greasy. So Glee went all the way down Venice Blvd. to Venice High School in order to create ‘Summer Lovin’ shot for shot as it appeared in Grease. And I am really starting to get confused as to what McKinley looks like ’cause none of the shots seem to work together any more when you use 3 different high schools. But I’m sure no one else cares. Mercedes and Sam get their Newton-John & Travolta on as they share their versions of what happened during their little ‘fling’ this summer before Sam’s family moved away. Are we to take this as intended in the film that Sam’s saying they slept together and Mercedes is saying they just hung out a lot? ‘Cause that’d be a fun story to delve into. But Sam’s supposed to be pretty wholesome, so I doubt Glee will go there. It’s a cute scene, setting up Samcedes again, but I can’t help but think it’s sad that Sugar and Santana are asking how much rich Sam is when we had the whole homeless plot last season. Then again, knowing the Glee writers, they forgot that storyline even happened. Being consistent in storytelling is not really their strong suit. Sam & Mercedes are kind of adorable together, so I can’t help but hope that Sam’s return means we’ll lose the creepy Shane, because every time he’s on screen I cringe. I’m not sure what it is about him, but he just weirds me out.

The Queen of England Makes Herself Heard. In her very first voiceover, we learn that Miss Becky Jackson’s inner monologue’s sound very much like Helen Mirren. Because, as she points out, when you can sound like anyone, why not sound like the Queen of England? Becky’s developed a crush on Artie who, not wanting to hurt Becky’s feelings, tries to give her the date she wants without actually dating her. As you’d expect, this does not end up well, and Becky ends up heart broken. This side plot is actually one of those moments when Glee really shines, in my opinion. Lying to Becky is wrong, but so is most of what Artie does when it comes to women, or just other people in general. And I’m not even saying that the story was handled all that well, because I have issues with it. But the voiceover when Becky is rejected at the end was worth every minute of it.


I didn’t ask him what I wanted to ask him. I didn’t ask if the reason he didn’t want to be my boyfriend was because I have Downs. I didn’t ask him because I know the answer is yes. Some days it sucks being me. This is one of those days. Focus Becky; don’t let them see you cry.

And The Marriage Plots Begin. Because the episode is titled ‘Yes/No‘ the writers apparently thought they couldn’t just have one marriage plot. Or even two. Nope, there are three of em. Sure, this first one amounted to Beiste informing us that even though last we saw them together Cooter was choosing Sue over Beiste, she and Cooter randomly chose to tie the knot while they were waiting in line at the Taco Bell. So we get a out of nowhere, confusing as hell marriage, another joke about Beiste’s weight, and Sue calling Beiste “Michael Chicklis in a wig.”  It’s a win/win/win!

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