Something Wicked This Way Comes: Merlin’s Katie McGrath Talks Season 4

Tonight’s the night!

Merlin fans in the States will get to see Season 4 of the hit British fantasy series later this evening at 10PM EST on cable-channel Syfy. But before you settle down in front of the television, you should prepare yourself by reading our interview with the lovely Katie McGrath, who plays wicked sorceress, Morgana Pendragon. She’s hellbent on revenge and is not going to take it anymore.

When we chatted, she spoke about how much fun she’s had playing the character this year more than any other as well as what you can expect from the denizens of Camelot in season four. So without further ado, read on:

I know series four is over in the UK, but we are just getting ready to start it here. Do you find it difficult to remember details when every country has different air dates?

What’s quite nice is because we’re now four series in and everybody’s at a different point, you can talk about the second series and it’s like talking about it for the first time again because it’s been so long, it’s not as bad as you think it would be!

What are we going to see from Morgana this season?

You’re going to see a badder, better, bolder Morgana! You know, she’s changed so much from the first season from this slighly spoiled opinionated princess to being this very scared young girl to season three where she played both sides and so in season four you finally see her in control of herself.

She’s in control of her magic, in control of her own storyline, she’s self-reliant, she’s confident – she’s all of those things that you would really want a woman to be. And yes, slightly maniacal and intent on world domination, but what girl isn’t?

[Laughs] Of course! And this season it seems as though you’re separated from the main cast most of the time. How has that been and do you think the isolation helps you play Morgana more effectively?

It’s helped in some ways because I’m so separate from the guys and everything and I don’t spend the day in, day out that Bradley, Colin and Angel do, it’s much easier when it comes to being nasty to them! [Laughs] So from that point of view it makes things easier but I do feel slightly isolated.

I see what a great time they’re having and I can feel a little bit distant to it but at the same time, you know, they’re still the same boys, it’s still been four years that we’ve worked together. You come in and it’s still ping pong tournaments and silly games on set.

It’s a great set to be on; we’ve had the same crew for four years pretty much and we’re all in the same boat as it’s a long shoot and long days but you’re in it with all your mates so it’s fantastic.

In some interviews from last season, you said that you couldn’t wait until you were sitting in a cave somewhere cackling over a cauldron. Is Morgana now who you’ve always pictured her to be? What’s been the best part of playing her this season?

She’s better than I ever pictured! You’re talking to the producers and they tell you they’ve got all these ideas and you know that since it’s based on a legend that she’s ultimately going to be sort of evil, but I love the way they take her and love that she’s so powerful; I love that she’s so confident – I love that she’s all the things I wish I was as a woman but I’m not and fail miserably!

She’s elegant and poised and intelligent and all the things that I’m so thankful they managed to get into one character and I’m very lucky and privileged to get to play her.

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