Magic & Mayhem: Colin Morgan Talks Season 4 of Merlin

Is there anyone you’d like to see guest star, maybe a dream actor?

Oh I’ve got way too many, living or dead?


Either one.

One of my favorite actors of all time is definitely Paul Newman. I’ve got so many favorite actors like Sean Penn but yes, I’m not so sure we could get them on the show.


Yes, could have them be a rival king or something.

Yeah why not. It’d be great!


There’s been a lot of talk about Arthur and Merlin being kind of gay icons. And I’ve heard Brokeback Camelot — things like that. What’s your feeling on this kind of talk?

I keep my self pretty separate from it to be honest. I’m not a big Internet user. I don’t do blogs or Facebook or Twitter or anything like that. The only thing I have is an email account. And so I never have anything like that going on. If you’re looking for anything in any show in any form you can find it. It’s certainly something we stick very clearly to the scripts and play them for what they are. And there’s certainly no kind of like overtone or pretext that we’re trying to show.


Yes I think but it’s brought in a lot of viewers I know for like Xena and things like that. Now when are you coming back to America or maybe possibly Chicago for a Comic-Con here?

Well hopefully I’d love to come back again next year. We went to do Comic-Con in San Diego actually in the summer and that was fantastic. We had such a blast. So hopefully we get to go again next year. It’d be brilliant.


Can you talk about the creatures Merlin and Arthur will have to fight this season?

Yes the in the opening two-parter of the season there’s a really – one of the darkest things we’ve had come on called the Dorocha which are these free roaming spirits from the underworld. At the beginning of the episode there’s a festival called Samhain which is celebrates the day of the dead. And it’s at a time whenever the veil supposedly between the real world and the underworld is at its thinnest.

Morgana takes advantage of that and creates a tear which releases all these demons out. They only function at night. They are repelled by light and they literally kill and freeze people in a second. The big thing that is one of the scariest things about these creatures is that Merlin’s completely powerless against them. They literally absorb his power. So they are one of the most formidable creatures I think they’ve come across. And that’s right in the opening episode.


Cool, right on. And I also want to know what does it do to Merlin when he discovers he has to make a huge sacrifice to save Camelot from Morgana?

Merlin is completely focused on his destiny. He will do whatever it takes. He has to put a lot of his emotions aside. He has to not think about himself, not think in a way about his personal consequences and think about the consequences of what it will do for Arthur and for the kingdom and for the future of magic.

He sort of has to cast aside a lot of the personal feelings in a way. Morgana has had her chances in a way. She’s been given more than enough chances to prove that she could be good and that she could turn things around. So Merlin will do whatever it takes.

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