Magic & Mayhem: Colin Morgan Talks Season 4 of Merlin

I had talked to Katie over the weekend when she was going back to see her mom for the holiday and she had mentioned that you and Bradley are quite big jokesters and pranksters. Do you think that really helps your guys relationship on screen?

Yes. I mean I think it helps that we like to have a bit of fun and have a bit of a laugh whenever it’s needed for scenes and but also, equally is important is to focus and concentrate on scenes that are a bit more emotional or require a bit more focus. So it’s about making the calls in the day and, yes it’s not all fun and games but it’s not all serious either.


Since the dragon basically escaped in season three I think we haven’t really seen much of it. And I was wondering are we going to see more aspects of Merlin’s dragonlord side?

Yes for sure. That’s something that’s really explored in season four as well because Merlin – this is maybe what Merlin’s part is about the dragonlord. And it also shows his separation, his independence from the dragon in a way as well. Because at the beginning in season one the dragon was a confident, someone that Merlin needed help from. And slowly and slowly they grew apart and the dragon’s motives became slightly jarred and slightly unclear. And so there’s been all these questions of trust between them. But the dragon is a creature of magic as much as Merlin is. And there’s that connection between them. And Merlin having very few people to confide in, the dragon is one that he can also confide in too.

So the relationships are always going to be strong between them. But as dragon (unintelligible) he can always command the dragon which is a great quality. And certainly Merlin and everyone think that in (prior) situations and when, you know, the dragon’s help was needed. What’s going to be interesting to see is if Arthur ever meets the dragon what his reaction to him would be.


You’ve done a bunch of different spells during the show. Is there any spell that you can think of that you’d love Merlin to be able to do or power that he doesn’t have that you’d love him to have?

Possibly let me think. I always thought teleportation would be a great one which he hasn’t figured out how to do yet. I think that would be a really good one. It might cut out on all the quests that we have to go on though. That might be a shame. But yes I think teleportation would be a great one.


Merlin had this really sweet storyline with Freya last season. And I was just wondering if maybe you’ll have another romantic encounter this season?

Sorry to disappoint but no, there’s not going to be any love interest for Merlin this season unfortunately. It’s not something that the writers have explored. But I think maybe in legends, Merlin was notoriously messed over by all the girls. So maybe they decided to keep him well away. But maybe I can have a few words and try to get someone going for the fifth season.


Good idea. And also you guys have had some really guest stars in seasons past. But is there anybody this season that we should look forward to?

Yes there’s a great duo coming up with Ben Daniels and Miranda Raison that play Tristan and Isolde who are going to make an appearance later on in the series. They are fantastic, they really are. They’ve got a really such a good dynamic amongst each other and are really a lot of fun to have around on set actually as well. And yes, that’s one to really look forward to I think.

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