Magic & Mayhem: Colin Morgan Talks Season 4 of Merlin

Do you foresee the series exploring any of the backstory of Gaius or Uther? To me that seems like a very interesting material but just really just been touched on on the surface.

I think that’s a really, really interesting thing. You hear a lot about  what might have occurred that has happened in the past. And we’ve heard hints of what went on; I certainly I think a flashback episode would be fantastic just to get a glimpse of what it was like back then, what exactly – what was details or circumstances under which Camelot became that really paranoid state and paranoid of magic and he became that.

I think it’ll also be very interesting to even get a glimpse of Merlin’s circumstances because when he first came to Camelot his past was a little bit shrouded in mystery and we didn’t quite know what that is. So I think it’d be interesting to again explore those aspects a little bit more and certainly get a good ground of exactly where these animosities sort of built up and their frustration. So it’s – yes I think that’d be good thing to explore.


When you look at the relationship with you and Arthur I think that there’s always some danger in storytelling when you take a heroic iconic figure like Arthur and kind of make him a bumbling fool in the sense that he doesn’t recognize Merlin’s power. Is there any conscious effort to kind of balance that a little bit to keep Arthur heroic despite the fact that we’re trying to build Merlin up as a hero?

I think obviously big changes with this season certainly because I think as an audience we’re in the know. We know that Merlin has magic. We know that he’s the one who is doing all the behind the scenes stuff. But to everyone else there’s absolutely no way they would wouldn’t suspect Merlin.

I don’t think there’s any sort of dumbing down of the character as such and because I think certainly since series one Arthur has grown significantly and he’s a lot more mature and he’s certainly building towards that king that he can become. So and you’re certainly seeing the transition period. And I think this seasons a lot (unintelligible) transitions the characters make.


There is room for two heroes then.

Oh yeah, I think so.


Since the whole season’s already aired over on the BBC and now that it’s just airing over here in the states does it feel like it’s a year round thing for you because you’re not really getting too much of a break in between the different airings or is it just like Merlin all the time for you now?

Yeah I mean we film for eight months of the year so it’s quite a long filming period. And then there’s quite a lot of publicity and promotion to do around that as well. We get a chance to chill out and have a break. I’ve run some projects in previous years in between so you get a chance to have a bit of variety as well. But it’s definitely a massive commitment and one that’s hugely rewarding by the end of it. It’s a lot of hard work but it’s really worth it.


In the third season you actually got to wear the old man makeup and all that kind of stuff. Did that freak you out a little bit at all?

I think it freaked a lot of other people out more than me, you know, or people on the corridors and people sort of catching glimpse of me because I got a couple of breaks in-between there where they’re putting it on. It takes me 4-1/2 hours to put it on. And it’s at one stage where before they put the wig and the hair on walking about bald. And that kind of freaks a lot of people out. But I had a lot of fun doing that.

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