Magic & Mayhem: Colin Morgan Talks Season 4 of Merlin

What attracted me to this series was the fact that growing up I read all the different variations on Camelot and the Arthurian legends. And what I liked about it is that Merlin – this one is focusing on Merlin’s back story. I mean Merlin to me was always a mysterious character and I, you know, I like that. But is he going to be in season four and five will he be taking more of that puppet master role that I was used to seeing in a lot of the previous stories in previous tellings of this legend?

Yeah that’s a big thing actually coming up in this season because that’s absolutely what Merlin’s striving towards. He’s gaining wisdom and a certain kind of power in that wisdom and certainly imparts a lot of Arthur. And you’ve seen Arthur listen to him a lot more. You’re seeing Arthur in fact change the way he’s thinking sometimes because of what Merlin says. And your seeing the beginnings of that and that’s pretty exciting. But they’re also growing a little bit further apart. So it’s – Merlin has to work awful hard to try and be heard.

Hopefully by the end of the season you’ll see that the relationship has come to the point where maybe they’re ready to set rules and set grounds and perhaps become a good team to rule the kingdom.


So we’re just wondering why do you think the Camelot legend has such staying power in pop culture?

I think because it’s popular at the minute and stayed right through the centuries is because it’s been retold and retold in different ways so you’re never saying just the same legend all the time. You know Malory started out with the legends then Tennyson did them, you know the once and future King. We’ve even got the Disney version of it. We’ve got everything.

It’s just been retold and retold and added to and added to. And that’s something that we’re doing as well in a in a fantasy setting. And that’s something it seems to be a timeless topic that people constantly seem to be inspired by and moved by. It’s just a platform for a lot of different things – magic, (unintelligible) loyalty, friendship. It covers all the grounds. And that’s something that I think works in any time in any age.


Wanted to find out in what ways have you seen Merlin further grow and develop as a character in season four? And have you discovered any new acting challenges would you say associated with that growth?

A big thing is the maturity of the character this year. He’s really, really studying what Arthur is going through. You know, he’s actually in a way experiencing what Arthur is experiencing. Arthur has got so much on his plate and the kingdom is in its most dire need of strength at this stage. It’s very much about Merlin engage in exactly where he is and what he should be doing.

At one point in the season four he gets the biggest opportunity he’s ever going to get to change Arthur’s opinion about magic. And he takes it and it’s a big risk and he does and it’s one of the boldest decisions he’s made.

As an actor, it’s interesting to really study the emotion he has about – that he’s going through. And in terms of friendship what do you do for good friend when they’re going through hell and yet you’ve got such a motive to make sure he gets through the other side to the future? And for again, a little bit of selfish reasons because Merlin wants to live in a land where he can be free. And so he’s got to keep everything as a balance and he’s got a lot on his plate. He’s literally, you know, juggling plates at one point.

But there are bigger stakes and bigger objectives. I don’t think Arthur’s never been in as much need of Merlin as he is now. The only problem is he doesn’t realize it.

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