Magic & Mayhem: Colin Morgan Talks Season 4 of Merlin

I guess one thing I want to ask you is one of the big draws for our readers and I guess for a lot of Merlin viewers is Merlin and Arthur’s relationship. Can you talk a little bit about how we’re going to see that grow and change over the course of series four?

Yes I’ve mean it’s one of the most iconic relationships in the legend. It’s very much about Merlin bringing Arthur to the point where he can really rule a kingdom that is fit for him and that he’s fit for himself.

And in the fourth season we see them grow apart a little bit actually. There’s a new character called Agravaine who’s Arthur’s uncle who goes on the scene who very quickly he realizes he’s not all that he seems. Yet he is Arthur’s right-hand man. He’s exactly where Merlin should be. And Merlin very quickly kind of sort of aggravates him. And it’s about Merlin trying to regain that position to try to get by Arthur’s side to be there for him and to get him to make the right decisions. Because as things very quickly change and Arthur gains more responsibility and it’s exactly what Merlin should be. (Unintelligible) it’s about grappling with their friendship.


Yes I have just one more question. Colin what is your favorite Merlin to play? Is it the sort of clumsy funny Merlin or the dramatic Merlin or the Great Dragoon Merlin?

I would say I mean it’s the variety that I like. It’s the facets of the character. It’s that part that fascinates me. It’s the – it’s I think variety is the spice of life and getting a chance to place yourself in all directions being that’s what it is, parts where there is a complexity that I enjoy the most.


So at this point does Merlin believe Morgana is beyond redemption or does he still hope that he can save her from her dark destiny to be his greatest enemy?

No, she’s beyond redemption. I think that Merlin’s definitely come to that conclusion. He’s given her chances. He’s tried to show her the good path. Merlin knows that if magic part of you then you choose where to pick it. It doesn’t choose you. And he’s always chosen the good path.

And she’s just gone by further, further. She’s kind of a bit power hungry now and she just wants power for herself and she wants the throne and she wants it all for her. And that’s (unintelligible) qualities. That’s irredeemable. And she is his ultimate nemesis in the series.


Does Merlin continue to resent the fact that he must keep his magical abilities secret or is comfortable hiding in the shadows and being the man behind the great man?

I think it’s very frustrating for Merlin. He really wants to – his great objective, his great dream is to live in a land where magic is free under the rule of the greatest king ever known. And he wants to be out in the open that people can live and gather that there isn’t the segregation, that there is no hiding anymore.

And yet for him it’s usually frustrating because it’s a lonely existence and for him to live without that debt. So whenever the time comes that the time seems right I think that Merlin will grasp with the full hands and ensure the future of magic.


I’m getting the impression from all the things that I’m seeing online right now is that season four is going to be a bit of a game changer in regards to the whole Arthurian legend. Is that – am I off base on that?

In terms of the – a very legend of a true telling you mean or…


Maybe it’s like it might bring the series a little closer to the mainstream stories of Arthur and Merlin?

Yes it’s definitely moved in that direction I feel because the characters are maturing. It’s moving more towards the legends that we know. And as our characters grow up, we’re become more synchronized with the legends that we know because of characters grow older that’s when some juicy stuff could start coming along. And we certainly start fading into that stuff in this season.

There’s some huge iconic moments that any fan of Arthurian legends will recognize and anybody who doesn’t will probably be intrigued to find out a bit more. But it’s definitely driven more towards the legends. But that was never the theme of the producers and the writers anyway. It was always to have the Arthurian legend of the business and have a sort of layer to work off and tell stories and you’re not expected with. And that’s certainly the theme that’s carried throughout this season as well.

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