Magic & Mayhem: Colin Morgan Talks Season 4 of Merlin

As Series 4 has just ended in the UK on Christmas Eve, the adventure is only beginning in the US starting on Friday, January 6th on Syfy at 10PM! Colin Morgan, who plays the title character spoke with us and several other media outlets on a conference call earlier this week and we have a transcript about what he thinks the new season has in store for viewers.

The season sounds like it’s finally grown up and you can read all about it behind the cut. Apologies for the areas that we couldn’t hear very well – the call quality was a bit dodgy at times!

So can you kind of tell us like some about the season, kind of how it’s going to be different and just some of what we can expect this year?

Yeah I think one of the first things people will notice will be that it really looks very different. It’s got a different tone to it this year. We’re shooting on 35 mil which is what they shoot on movies at the minute. So it’s got a real movie look to the French kind of feel and all that.

Stories have become a lot darker. They’ve become a lot more complex. They’re pushing characters in directions that really there’s no going back on. So big shifts, big steps, big changes. And of course the tagline of the season this year is the “Darkest hour is just before the dawn”. So that is a hint of the tone of the series. It definitely is much stronger.


Okay great. And then I have a question from Twitter. They want to know if you can compare Merlin’s friendship with both Arthur and Gwen.

Yes it’s an interesting one I think. You know that Arthur and Gwen are destined to see the future as king and queen. It’s Merlin’s destiny to ensure that Arthur becomes the greatest king of the land that (unintelligible) kingdom. Then Gwen is probably the right person for that. And Gwen’s a great friend of Merlin’s also. So I mean there’s a huge amount of respect and loyalty among the three of them. And I think of things work out and things pilot okay and everything goes to plan, you know, the future will be set in stone.

But really this series a lot of things have broken up, certainly about that trio of Arthur to Gwen and Merlin. There’s a huge way, a distance between them, kind of halfway sort of towards the end of the season which is going to be very difficult to repair.


I wanted to ask about because it is a lot darker and everything, does that present new challenges for the actors or the writers? Is that harder to sort of work in the humor that you guys always get in there?

What’s great this season is that it struck a really good balance. As dark as the stories go they never go of into the realm of complete darkness. There’s always an element of fun to them there in a sense that as dark – the darker it goes almost in a humorous way to cope and certainly Arthur and Merlin finding themselves in many situations where maybe the only way to survive is to look to light.

And that’s something that I think fans really appreciates is that the laughter is always there and that the characters are still themselves as dark as the stories go.


And then I was also wondering if you prefer going off the legend as we know it? Is that more fun for you guys or is it harder to do that?

It’s always more intriguing actually whenever you get the script done and, you know, it’s called something quite iconic like, you know like “Lancelot du Lac” you know, that’s sort of the (unintelligible). And (unintelligible) that story of (unintelligible) kind of original kind of legend. So it’s good to have develop the preconception of how it’s going to be and really (unintelligible) moments (unintelligible) way.

So I think when things veer slightly off of that (unintelligible) and the fantasy way in the way that Merlin actually does it, I’m always intrigued by that. But equally so, whenever those iconic images. Excalibur (unintelligible) are performed right in front of your eyes that’s also huge and exciting. And I think that’s what works about the show is the two blend very well together.

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