Ringer, S1 Ep10 – That’s What You Get For Trying To Kill Me

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Bridget grieves

Not pictured: the poodle statue, which is also crying.

At the Martin apartment, Andrew brings Malcolm a cup of some hot beverage. Malcolm thanks Andrew for letting him spend the night again, and Andrew asks if the police apologized to him. They did not. Bridget is at the other end of the balcony looking shellshocked. Andrew tries to convince her none of this is her fault. He gets a phone call. From his expression, we can tell it’s not good news. After he thanks the detective and hangs up, he turns to Bridget: “They found Charlie’s body. They think he committed suicide.” Bridget, lip quivering, asks, “And Gemma?” Andrew shakes his head. “I’m so sorry, Shiv.” And for the second time this ep, she collapses into tears. Andrew puts his arms around her.

The next morning, Siobhan is in a cab somewhere in New York. Tyler calls her, wanting to know where she is. She tells him, and says she’ll have to stay there for a while. “Figured as much,” Tyler remarks. He’s still in Paris, of course. He says he went to settle her tab at the hotel, and they gave him some stuff that she left in a drawer. We get a mini flashback of Tyler opening a pouch. Uh, if this were an actual French hotel, it would say “Hôtel Pivoine,” not “Pivoine Hôtel.” Anyway, there’s the positive pregnancy test, although it is neither gigantic nor pink like it was the last time we saw it. Back in the present, an unsettled Tyler is asking, “Siobhan, are you pregnant?” She says yes. “Is it mine?” Once again, she says yes. So that’s how you’ll get him back! Devious.

Pregnancy test

An authentic French "test de grossesse", also known as a pregnancy test.

Elsewhere in NYC, Malcolm is asking Bridget (who’s wearing a very cute coat today) if she’s okay. She’s not. Ah, they’re at Charlie’s apartment. Malcolm says he’ll take a last look around to make sure they found everything. Bridget finds an envelope with “Siobhan Pivoine 419” written on it in Charlie’s handwriting. Bridget remarks that she thought she’d be done asking questions now that Charlie’s gone, but she still wants to know why he was after Siobhan, and why Gemma. As Adele’s “Rumor Has It” starts playing, she says there has to be more to this than money. The screen splits to show Siobhan putting on her gigantic sunglasses, to remind us that the two of them are now both in NYC. What hijinks will ensue when this show comes back in a few weeks?

Overall, I wasn’t fond of this one. I am miffed that they brought in the lovely and talented Amber Benson, only to have her in two short scenes — and end up shot to death (again), poor girl. I am further annoyed that they brought back Tara Summers, gave her that awesome kickass line, and then had her shot to death, too. Plus, there’s the giant plotholes already mentioned, and the potentially sickening developments between Juliet and Mr. Logan. I hope the writers have a halfway decent way to resolve that plotline, at least. On the other hand, I can’t help being somewhat darkly amused that Buffy gets the worst birthdays ever, and her doppelganger Bridget gets the worst (fake) anniversary ever.

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