Ringer, S1 Ep10 – That’s What You Get For Trying To Kill Me

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At Juliet’s school, the litter cleanup is winding down, it looks like with a pizza dinner in Mr. Logan’s classroom.

Tessa & Mr. Logan

Weird role-reversal again: Logan would totally use "'za" to be annoying.

Whoa, it was an all-day thing? Tessa, on her way out, thanks Mr. Logan for the “’za”, which makes me want to throw all of the empty pizza boxes at her. Obnoxious. The rest of this scene is too aggravating for me to recap in detail, so I will summarize: Juliet flirts a lot as the classroom empties of all but her, her friend (whose name is Andrea), and Mr. Logan. Mr. Logan finally calls her on her inappropriate behavior. Juliet tries to deny she was flirting. Mr. Logan tells Andrea to wait in the hall. The door closes behind them. We don’t see what happens next.

Machado knocks on Jimmy’s car window out at the warehouse in Wyoming. Jimmy jerks awake and gets out of the car. Machado wants to know what the meeting is about, so Jimmy shows him a file of a guy in his department who has some suspicious possible connections to Macawi: a brother who works at his club, a new speedboat, etc. Machado looks duly impressed when Jimmy adds that he followed the officer after he clocked out today — to this warehouse, which seems a good place for a rendezvous with Macawi. Machado wonders if Jimmy knows why the guy would be called Matador, but Jimmy doesn’t know. “If we find him together,” he suggests, “maybe we can ask.” The two ready their weapons and head off into the darkened warehouse.

Meanwhile, the Martins have arrived at Penn Station. It’s 10:00. Bridget is back in her pointy-shouldered jacket, while Andrew is wearing a black trenchcoat-ish long coat that looks really, really good on him. They wait. When the clock on the wall reads 10:35, Bridget says, “He’s not coming.” Andrew tells her to be patient. Then her phone rings. “Charlie?” she says as she answers it.

Andrew's coat

I love a man in a long coat.

John, who appears to be underground somewhere, snarls, “I told you to come alone.” Bridget tries to apologize about Andrew being there, but John says, “I’m not talking about London Fog, I’m talking about the cops.” Bridget protests that she didn’t call them. “Look out the window! Somebody did,” John says. And in fact, when Bridget and Andrew rush over to the window, there’s Detective Saldana outside in her car, with Henry, looking up at them. Bridget begs Charlie to agree to another place to meet, or another way for her to get him his money, but Charlie says his goodwill is all maxed out. Uh oh. He hangs up, and then pops open the trunk of his car. (It looks like he’s in a parking garage, which makes sense because on TV or in movies, a parking garage automatically equals doom.) There’s Gemma, awake, terrified, and struggling against her bonds. “Morning, sunshine,” Charlie says. He takes out his gun. “I didn’t want to have to do this, but your bitch friend screwed up.” He fires.

Back at Penn Station, Bridget tells Andrew that Charlie’s not coming, that someone called the cops. He looks appropriately horrified. Then we see Detective Saldana and Henry enter the station, and the four meet up. Apparently, Saldana has been following Bridget all day. When Andrew wants to know why, Henry tells them he saw Charlie leaving their place earlier. Henry says he didn’t know what to think so he called the cops. Saldana gets a call on her cell while the three erstwhile friends argue. Bridget says she’d never hurt Gemma, and explains about the ransom. Henry asks why Charlie didn’t show, and Andrew explains about him seeing the cop car. Then Saldana reports that forensics came back on Gemma’s phone: Delario’s prints are all over it, and he’s not at either of his residences. Henry heaves a sigh. Then Bridget remembers the piece of paper Malcolm found with an address for a storage facility. She hands the paper to Saldana and suggests she check there. I would make it quick, Saldana.

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