Ringer, S1 Ep10 – That’s What You Get For Trying To Kill Me

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Bridget arrives back at the Martin apartment. She hears the sounds of conversation in the next room. Inside, Andrew turns to her and says, “Siobhan! You remember Malcolm’s sponsor, Charlie Young.” Bridget tries to mask her horror as ‘Charlie’ stands up.

John glares

If looks could kill, they'd both be dead.

Andrew says Charlie stopped by to give us an update on Malcolm. “Isn’t that nice?” he finishes. Bridget pastes on a smile as she agrees, “Very.” Then Andrew says he has to run a couple of errands before tonight. “You’re leaving me?” Bridget says, but Andrew, clueless of the real goings-on as ever, just says, “Trust me — you’re gonna want me to run these errands.” He turns to ‘Charlie’ and explains that it’s their anniversary. ‘Charlie’ congratulates them, and then promises “Mrs. Martin” that he won’t keep her there very long. Andrew departs, and Bridget stares after him much more worriedly than Buffy ever should. Sigh. Right. Not a Slayer.

As soon as Andrew’s gone, John orders Bridget to sit down. “You try anything,” Bridget replies coolly, “I’ll have cops swarming the place in thirty seconds.” Or you could just kick him through a wall. But John says he’s not here to hurt her. He continues as they both sit that whatever she thinks she knows, she doesn’t. “I know you took Gemma,” Bridget returns. “Just tell me she’s okay.” John obliges that she is. Bridget immediately follows up with, “Why did you take her? What do you want from me?” John says he’s not here to play 20 Questions, or to edify her. What he wants is money. Bridget is disgusted and shocked that this would all be about money, but John doesn’t care. He says he’ll give her back her friend if he gets paid. And then we have this incredibly cliched exchange: “How do I know I can trust you?” (Bridget.) “You don’t. But what choice do you have?” (John.) Sigh.

John leaves the apartment building, looking so smug that I just want to punch him right in the face. I’ve been wanting that for a while, but even more so at this moment. He leaves just as Henry is coming in.

Henry just missed him

Too bad you didn't recognize him by his smugness.

Henry greets the doorman and is about to sign in when he notices the previous name in the guestbook thing. Upon confirming with Max the doorman that Charlie Young was the guy who just left, Henry dashes out onto the street. Unfortunately, he is just seconds too late, and his quarry is already lost in the crowds. I would have liked to see that fight.

In Rock Springs, Machado is outside what might be a prison (gorgeous mountain scenery in the background) when he gets a call from Jimmy. Jimmy says he thinks he knows who Matador is, and tells Vic to meet him tonight at “the warehouse in Cherokee.” At least I think that’s what he said. Anyway, Machado agrees. Meeting people at a deserted warehouse at night? Excellent idea.

As night falls in NYC, Bridget takes out the remaining money she got from Siobhan’s secret account. She looks very upset. Also, she’s wearing one of those gigantic rings that must be hugely inconvenient if you want to do anything with your hands. Rich people usually don’t, I suppose. Anyway, she’s counting it when Andrew walks in. “I know I said I didn’t want anything for our anniversary,” he jokes, “but I’d be a fool to turn away cold, hard cash.” He asks her what it’s for, and she collapses into tears. Instantly, Andrew kneels in front of her, asking what’s wrong. Bridget takes a breath and confesses, “I know where Gemma is.”

Anniversary gift

Spoiler: I'm glad Fake Charlie doesn't end up getting this ring.

“A ransom?” Andrew is saying when we get back. “When were you going to tell me, Shiv?” Bridget (who I notice has taken off the pointy-shouldered jacket for this scene!) says she wanted to, but Charlie threatened her if she told anyone. She’s supposed to meet him at Penn Station at 10. Andrew takes out his phone to call the cops, saying that Bridget’s being blackmailed and Detective Saldana should be contacted, but Bridget repeats Charlie’s threat about telling anyone else, and adds that Malcolm already tried to contact the police and it backfired. Yeah, but that was a different situation, Bridget — a much more stupid one. Anyway, she adds that Penn Station is a very public place, and so Charlie won’t try anything. “Please, just trust me,” she begs. Andrew reluctantly concedes, but says she’s not going alone: he’s going with her. Bridget is all right with this. Andrew asks how much Charlie wants. Bridget says he demanded $250,000. Andrew knows without counting that the stack of cash over on the cushion isn’t that much. Bridget confirms that it’s about $40,000.

Andrew says sadly that he wishes she’d told him sooner: “I could have gotten the rest, but the bank’s now closed.” He asks if she’s called Henry. She says she was afraid he’d tell his in-laws, and then… “The police would get involved,” Andrew finishes for her. Bridget is out of ideas. Andrew thinks for a moment, and then pulls out a little black box from his pocket. Yes, it’s a ring — a very large-carat diamond that he says was going to be her real gift. “Oh my God, it’s stunning,” breathes Bridget. It is, although ostentatious. That’s the Martins’ style, though. Andrew says he was going to propose again. “I know, it’s– it’s silly,” he says, but Bridget cuts him off with an emphatic no. In fact, she and I both think it’s incredibly sweet. But the point of Andrew bringing it out right now is that the ring is worth well over $200,000. Alas for the perfect anniversary evening that is not to be.

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