Ringer, S1 Ep10 – That’s What You Get For Trying To Kill Me

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Hey, it’s Machado! Haven’t seen him in a while. Can’t say as I’ve missed him hugely, but at least he gets to be kind of smart in this episode. I’m getting ahead of myself. We’re back in Rock Springs, Wyoming, at a crime scene with a dead woman lying facedown on the floor. Jimmy welcomes Machado back to WY, and as Machado looks at the dead woman, he dryly says, “It’s good to be back.” He asks for the rundown on the victim, and Jimmy tells him her name: Mary Curtis. The ME turns her over at that moment, and we see it’s Amber Benson! And she’s already dead! Sigh. Jimmy continues that she’s a Rock Springs local, mother of one, dancer at a club. That last part is fairly obvious based on how she’s dressed. Machado looks quite sad. We get a flashback to him talking to Mary — maybe at the club? – telling her that thanks to her, Bridget’s not the only way they have to get Macawi in jail. Mary smiles and says, “Don’t sweet talk a sweet-talker, Vic. I’m just a blabbermouth stripper, don’t pretend I’m anything else.” She looks good, despite the stripper attire. “Vic” insists that she’s his informant, and he doesn’t take that lightly. And that’s it for this part of the flashback. Agent Vic takes him aside and tells him that Mary was his CI (confidential informant).

It's Tara!

It's Tara! And she's a stripper! And... dead! Again.

We get another flashback to the same room. Machado is asking Mary if Macawi said anything else about “this guy on the inside.” Mary says no, but that he kept calling him “the Matador.” In answer to Vic’s next question, she says she’s never seen this Matador. Later as Machado is about to leave, she says, “Hey Vic — when you find Bridget, tell her I miss her?” Aw, we miss you, too, Tara. I hope we get some more flashbacks with you at some point, at least.

Back in the present, Machado is telling Jimmy that Mary told him that Macawi has a man inside Jimmy’s department. You know, especially given what we learned about Jimmy last week, there are some problems with what’s revealed about him this week, but I’m getting ahead of myself again. Jimmy wants to know why Machado never told him any of this during the two years they’ve been working this case together. Vic clarifies that Mary has only been his CI for a short while — his former CI was the girl Macawi murdered (the murder Bridget witnessed). Machado passes along the info about “Matador”, but Jimmy says that doesn’t mean anything to him. Suuure.

Bridget’s at Henry’s house, telling him the bad news about Charlie. Shockingly, Henry and his bad haircut take this very poorly. He accuses ‘Siobhan’ again of having something to do with Gemma’s disappearance. Bridget tries to get him to calm down, and tells him Malcolm’s theory that Charlie moved Gemma — but whoops, Henry doesn’t know who Malcolm is. When he learns that he’s a friend of hers, he scoffs. “Another friend helping out? That’s awesome, Siobhan. That’s awesome,” he rants. “So who’s he gonna turn out to be: a mob boss? A serial killer? Al-Qaeda?” Shut up, Henry. You do have reason to be mistrustful and upset, but still: shut up. Bridget says softly that she’s just trying to find Gemma. Henry retorts that that’s all he wants. He hasn’t slept in weeks, his kids miss their mom, and he just wants Gemma back home. Okay, I feel for him more there. When Bridget tries to say she’ll help, he entreats her to stop, saying that her involvement only makes things worse, and that she should let the cops do their job. “Fine,” Bridget whispers as she leaves.

Oh, good. It’s time to start my favorite plotline of the episode. Sigh. We’re at Juliet’s school.

Juliet flirts

"Mr. Logan, let's be just like Bella and Edward!"

Mr. Logan is organizing some kind of trash pickup activity. He thanks Tessa for being there, and she snits that she doesn’t really have a choice – “it’s called detention.” Mr. Logan says the planet still thanks her. Juliet, meanwhile, who either got detention on purpose to be near him or just volunteered to help, is simpering and generally being as unsubtle in her attempts to flirt with Mr. Logan as possible. She seems to have made an actual friend, I note. When she sighs to her friend that “Mr. C is so hot,” her friend replies, “Ew. He wears ties, and is, like, a thousand.” Okay, are you blind? I’m not condoning Juliet’s wildly inappropriate behavior, but I do not blame her for finding Mr. Logan attractive. Because, duh.

Juliet retorts that ties are hot, and that Mr. C is only thirty. “Besides,” she adds, “Bella married Edward when she was a teenager, and he’s, like, 400.” Come on, Juliet. If you must read Twilight, at least tell me you realize that all of the main characters in those books are horrible people? Plus, Buffy is your stepmom. She’d be so disappointed in you if she knew. Mr. Logan takes that moment to come over and hand the two of them their trash-grabbing thingies. Juliet smiles and thanks him, and adds, “I’m so psyched to be going green!” Mr. Logan awkwardly smiles back and says, “I appreciate your enthusiasm.” After he walks away, Juliet’s friend says, “Wow. Yeah, he totally hates you.” Juliet says Mr. Logan was just “playing it cool”, and that they really have a connection. Juliet’s friend wonders how a smart girl like Juliet allowed herself to be so deluded. Maybe it was all the Twilight reading.

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