Ringer, S1 Ep10 – That’s What You Get For Trying To Kill Me

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Back at the Martin apartment, Bridget and Malcolm are trying to figure out what ‘Charlie’ could want with Gemma. They walk out onto the balcony to talk, and I am immediately distracted by a little statue of a poodle that is also on the balcony. Why…? Then again, Siobhan also has a giant picture of her face, and enough bizarre outfits to stock a museum, so whatever. Anyway, Malcolm informs Bridget about the padlocked basement door, and wonders what else John has to hide. They discuss why ‘Charlie’ would have tried to hurt both Siobhan and Gemma, but they don’t come up with any satisfactory theories. Instead, Malcolm thinks he should go to the police with Gemma’s phone and their theory, which considering how he broke into John’s apartment in the first place is a really dumb idea. Bridget tells him this, but he says he’ll figure out a way to make them suspicious enough to search the place without telling them the whole truth. Uh huh.

Poodle statue

Is this what Juliet meant when she suggested they get a dog?

Andrew interrupts the discussion then. He’s surprised but pleased to see Malcolm. Andrew acknowledges Malcolm’s repeated thanks and then tells Bridget he’s very much looking forward to tonight after work. He wishes her happy anniversary, and she returns the sentiment. After Andrew departs for work, Malcolm looks at her wryly. “Anniversary?” She says, “Six years already. Can you believe it?” Heh. Then she goes to call the cops. This is not a well thought-out plan, you guys.

The next scene is Detectives Towers and Saldana knocking on John’s door. They confirm that he is indeed John Delario, and say they have some questions. When they introduce themselves, John asks if Saldana is Elizabeth Saldana, who works with his buddy Steve Norman. “How do you know Steve?” Saldana asks, and John says Steve was his partner for five years. Towers asks if John is NYPD, to which John says he’s retired. Well, that’s one way of putting it. After John asks what he can do for them, they explain that they’re following up a lead about Gemma Butler, and that Malcolm Ward has been making allegations. John admits that he knows Malcolm from NA and that he told everyone there that his name was Charlie Young (by the way, if that’s meant to be an homage to Dulé Hill’s character on The West Wing, I don’t get it. There are almost no similarities.). He denies having a fake apartment, though: he says the one Malcolm stayed at is his, and this is his mom’s. Then Saldana brings out the cell phone and tells John it’s Gemma’s and that Malcolm claims to have found it at John’s place. John points out — as it was obvious that he would — that Malcolm Ward is a drug addict who’s only been clean for six days. “That said,” he continues, “I got nothing to hide. Come on in.” And you already know they aren’t going to find anything.

The detectives go to confront Bridget and Malcolm next. John’s place came up clean (of course!), and for some reason they find it suspicious that Malcolm — sponsor of Bridget, who is the main suspect in Gemma’s disappearance — is in possession of Gemma’s phone. Especially since John’s neighbor saw a man fitting Malcolm’s description breaking into John’s residence last night. Towers invites Malcolm to come down to the station. Malcolm sighs and says, “Let’s get this over with.” Bridget says she’s coming, too. Malcolm tells ‘Siobhan’ not to. He takes her aside and points out that Charlie must have moved Gemma from her basement, and that the cops are going to take an ex-cop’s word over a junkie’s. Yes and yes. “Just let me answer their questions,” he finishes. “I’ve got nothing to hide.” Except for the whole Siobhan-is-Bridget thing. Bridget agrees reluctantly.

Meanwhile, John is griping to Siobhan over the phone about the whole situation. Siobhan tells him to calm down. He yells at her not to tell him to calm down when Bridget knows so much, and when Malcolm has Gemma’s phone. “They know I have Gemma,” he says, having at least stopped yelling. Siobhan wants to know where she is. He says he moved her before the cops got there; if he hadn’t noticed that someone had been in his house, she would have still been in the basement, and he would now be in jail. Which would be a real tragedy, let me tell you.

Siobhan and John

"Look, just because I'm evil doesn't mean I want my friend to be killed!"

Siobhan asks what John wants to do. As he pours himself a drink, he says, “You know … Gemma knows too much. I think it’s time we got rid of her.” Siobhan forbids this — hey, it’s like she cares about her friend’s life or something! – but John says the plan has changed. Siobhan tries to threaten him, but he says, “Oh, will you spare me? I think it’s a little late to pretend like you give a damn about her!” He’s got a point, Miss Evil Twin. Siobhan insists that Gemma is her friend, to which John predictably but reasonably says, “I’d hate to see how you treat your enemies.”

Siobhan takes a breath and says, “Okay, look, John, there’s no reason for us to argue. I need you, I know that. What do you want?” He wants double what she promised him. Siobhan consents, though she says it’ll take a while for her to access that kind of money. John isn’t okay with that. He loads his gun as he says he’s going to do this his way. When Siobhan protests again, John says she no longer gets a say in this and hangs up on her. Instead of looking worried, though, Siobhan just looks annoyed.

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