Ringer, S1 Ep9 – Shut Up And Eat Your Bologna

Meanwhile, Malcolm is picking the lock on John’s apartment. He’s not wearing gloves, which I hope doesn’t come back to haunt him later. He starts searching the place with a tiny flashlight. Downstairs, Gemma hears the sounds of someone moving around.

At the cafe, Bridget is enumerating all the things she’s dragged ‘Charlie’ into, culminating with the disposal of the gun. She says, “I never should have made it your problem.” No, you really shouldn’t have. We don’t see John’s reaction to this, as we cut back to Malcolm still searching the apartment. He doesn’t seem to be finding anything useful. Back at the cafe, Bridget’s really laying it on thick with the whole never should have done this thing. John says he’s already started the process of making the gun untraceable, so she doesn’t have to worry. Bridget finally comes out and says she should take the gun back. She doesn’t feel safe anymore. At John’s apartment, Malcolm sees the padlock on the door to the basement. Will he rescue Gemma?! (Spoiler: no.)

Behind the door...

Just think, Gemma might be free if there were fewer keys on that chain.

Summarizing the rest of John and Bridget’s conversation: Bridget says she’s worried because the guy who took Gemma is still out there, John says he’ll get the gun back, but he gave it to a guy who would take care of the serial number, so he’ll need a day to get it. Bridget tries to get him to stick around a little while longer, but he leaves. At the apartment, Malcolm picks up a keyring and tries to find the one that will unlock the basement door, while Gemma listens agitatedly downstairs. At the cafe, after John leaves, Bridget does that thing TV characters do where their smiles change slowly to frowns as she pulls out her phone to tell Malcolm to get out. Malcolm gets the text, swears under his breath, and tries a few more times to get the door open. It doesn’t open. Gemma manages to rock her chair so hard that she falls over. Poor woman. Malcolm tosses the keys onto John’s coffee table — and then picks up a cell phone from the same place. You gotta wonder how John keeps all of his various phones straight, as we see him call Siobhan outside the cafe, leaving this message: “Siobhan, she’s onto me.” Yeah, Bridget wasn’t being very subtle there, was she?

Well, there’s no new episode this week, so we’ll have to wait until next week to find out what happens next! Does Malcolm suspect that Gemma is in the locked basement? Does Olivia present her evidence to Andrew that Siobhan was having an affair with Henry? Will Siobhan show up wearing an outfit from the earlier seasons of Buffy? Meanwhile, happy Thanksgiving to all the American readers of these recaps, and a lovely week to you all.

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