Ringer, S1 Ep9 – Shut Up And Eat Your Bologna

Lunch date

They're so cute!

Martin-Charles. Olivia is still after Andrew to call Henry. Irritated, he says he’s thinking about it, but there may be other ways. Olivia points out that Henry is their only in, and that Arbogast has “more handlers and more layers of protection than the president.” Andrew just says he’s worried that if he lays any more financial jargon on Henry right now, his head will explode. Then Bridget shows up and asks if Andrew is ready. Andrew smiles and tells Olivia he’s invited his wife to lunch. Olivia and Bridget trade falsely polite smiles. In Andrew’s office, after they have eaten what looks like it was some attractively presented sushi, Bridget and Andrew are holding hands (aww) and laughing about how mad Olivia looked. Andrew excuses her, though, explaining about Arbogast. When he brings up Olivia’s added motivation brought on by Arbogast’s illness, Bridget says she’s lost her appetite. Andrew laughs, but changes the subject. He suggests a thought experiment: what if everything were at stake? He hurries to add that it isn’t, but what if doing what’s right cost them the loft, the apartment, the clothes– “Even the sushi?” Bridget interjects, looking mock-horrified. Andrew says, “Even the sushi, yes. Would you … would you stand with me?” He looks adorably vulnerable as he asks her. Bridget gazes at him. She doesn’t have to think about it before she replies, “I’d stand with you.”

Andrew kisses her hand, and then regretfully says he has to go back to work. He asks what her plans are for the rest of the day. “What would you say if I said I was going to church?” Bridget asks. Andrew laughs and says, “You, in church? You’d melt!” Bridget says, “Hey!” Yeah, she’s not a vampire or anything, Andrew. But then she assures Andrew it was just a thought experiment, and they laugh cutely.

Back at Charlie’s apartment, Malcolm waits until Charlie is taking a shower to go through his coat pockets for further clues. He has better luck than Bridget, since he’s able to find one before Charlie comes back: in his all but empty wallet, there’s a key on a keychain with an address on it.

Malcolm finds the key

Could this be the key to the truth about Charlie?

Meanwhile, Bridget is checking out Gramercy Cathedral. Looks like the main portion of the (rather lovely looking) building is for sale, but there’s an establishment called the Rectory in part of it. Before she goes inside, we switch to Malcolm, who’s opening a PO box with Charlie’s key. There’s mail inside addressed to a Mr. John Delario. Aha! Malcolm looks grim. We switch back to Bridget, who is inside the Rectory (for some reason that sounded like a code word to me just then, but it isn’t really). It’s a bar or a club, it turns out — a very trendy seeming one. Bridget is looking around, and then she sees … ‘Charlie’, sitting at the bar, asking the bartender to hit him with another shot of mouthwash. Okay, it’s actually whiskey. Bridget quickly ducks behind a piece of art that looks kind of like a suit of armor to spy on ‘Charlie.’ He’s telling the bartender that it’s been five days since he’s had a drink, so she needs to stop judging him and start pouring. “Whatever you say, John,” the lady says, causing Bridget to look even more stunned. A guy who works at the club asks Bridget if he can help her, and she asks if he’s ever seen the guy at the bar in here with her. After Bridget slips him some dough, he says no, but that John’s in here a lot, always drinking whiskey and talking on his cell. Bridget thanks him and leaves, immediately calling Malcolm to meet her at the apartment ASAP.

Siobhan checks in

What is this I don't even.

Back in the bar, John gets a call from Siobhan. I probably don’t have to tell you this by this point, but her outfit is insane. It looks like she’s dressing as a French maid, maybe? Except with clear gauzy sleeves. I don’t even. Anyway, she asks about Bridget’s sponsor, and John says he’s cleaned up and at the apartment, and that they don’t have to worry about him spilling the beans about Bridget. Siobhan says she’ll take his word on that. John continues that despite Siobhan’s original worry about the gun, Bridget “up and gave it to [him]” today. Siobhan is not impressed by John’s smugness, pointing out that the only reason Bridget had the gun in the first place is because of the cop he hired. John just says Jimmy was the only guy close enough to Bridget to pull off the whole thing, and at least he got her to Siobhan, didn’t he? Siobhan just snits, “Whatever,” and hangs up. Real mature, Siobhan. John looks briefly like he might be reconsidering his life choices.

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