Ringer, S1 Ep9 – Shut Up And Eat Your Bologna

Back at the office, Andrew is conferring with his assistant about the date for his and Bridget’s vacation. Olivia comes in then, and after the assistant leaves, she jumps right in with, “Now is the time to hit Arbogast.” Andrew is not impressed with this, but Olivia continues that the man is weak, sick, and worried about his family and his money, so now is the time to convince him to invest with Martin-Charles. She points out that there was a time when Andrew wouldn’t have needed this much convincing, and wants to know why he’s lost his focus. Andrew says he hasn’t lost his focus, but he still refuses to “shake Henry down for his connection to Arbogast.” Olivia turns up the heat, telling him that two of their big investors have pulled out. She says if they don’t get someone big enough to cover those losses, “you know what that could mean.” Andrew looks troubled at this, but doesn’t reply. Olivia looks even more troubled by his lack of response.

The therapist's office

"So, would it be weird if I asked you for a brief recap of all of my previous sessions?"

At the therapist’s office, Bridget is going on about her feelings for Andrew. “The way he looks at me,” she’s saying, “it’s like he can’t believe how kind I’m being to him.” Well, can you blame him, after what we’ve learned about how Siobhan was treating him? She goes on to say that she knows this is temporary, because of how things were before, but she doesn’t want it to end. She wants to keep surprising him. Aw. Then Dr. Morris, who has been smiling at all of this, gets up and tells Bridget that they’re out of time. Bridget is quite surprised by this. As she stands up, she asks if the doctor thinks she needs a refill of her prescription. Dr. Morris wasn’t planning on it. “So you don’t think I’m depressed anymore?” Bridget asks. Dr. Morris looks at her gravely as she answers, “Siobhan, you know I didn’t prescribe those antidepressants for depression.” Huh. But then she assures ‘Siobhan’ that she’s doing great, and that she’ll see her next week. Bridget departs, after watching where Dr. Morris put her notes from today’s session.

Charlie’s apartment. Malcolm is looking at himself in the bathroom mirror — hey, this week’s mirror shot is someone other than Bridget! Good job, show! Anyway, he’s looking a little on edge. Charlie knocks on the door and asks if he’s okay. Malcolm thinks about it for a minute, and says he is, looking like he might believe it, too. Then he looks behind himself, at a shelf of various things one might find in a bathroom. Out in the living room area of the apartment, Charlie is rolling his eyes and generally looking super bored with babysitting duty, although he quickly wipes that expression off his face when Malcolm comes out. Malcolm is holding up a bottle of mouthwash. Charlie thinks Malcolm wants to use some, but Malcolm’s actually worried about the temptation a bottle of alcohol-containing mouthwash could pose to him at this point in his recovery. Charlie quickly says sorry, that his ex-girlfriend left it there a while back and he never got around to throwing it out. Or maybe it’s because you’re a lying liar, not an addict, and you’re actually an evil henchman. Charlie leaves, and Malcolm stares after him suspiciously.

The smoking gun?

That stuff really does have a lot of alcohol in it. Look at the ingredients sometime.

Next scene. Bridget’s on the phone with Malcolm while still waiting in the lobby of the building where she had her therapist appointment. Malcolm brings up the mouthwash and said it got him worried about whether Charlie might be using. In the process of looking around, he found no drugs, but instead evidence that Charlie hasn’t been living at this apartment for as long as he said: only a few items of clothing, and the batteries in the remote are still shrink wrapped. Clever sleuthing, Malcolm! Bridget looks concerned, but then she sees that Dr. Morris is on her way out of the building, and says she has to go. Back at the therapist’s office, she convinces the receptionist to let her use the bathroom in the office, even though it’s technically closed for lunch. Of course, once she’s inside, she goes to Dr. Morris’s desk to look for her notes on sessions with Siobhan instead. She manages to grab them before Dr. Morris gets back — but before she can make her escape, the doc catches her inside the office. Bridget makes some lame excuse about how she really felt they were making some progress in this morning’s session, so she wanted more time now instead of waiting. Dr. Morris says coldly that she should have called if she wanted more time, to which Bridget says, “I thought therapy wasn’t about judgment.” Hee.

After a few stern parting words from Dr. Morris, Bridget arrives in the lobby again and immediately takes out the notes from Siobhan’s last session. ‘Cuz you wouldn’t want to leave the building before looking at that, or anything.

The paper proclaims that “Cora Farrell” says someone is out to get her and complains of sleeplessness, so the doc prescribed antidepressants for paranoia. The patient feared for her safety and thinks she has a stalker. Okay. Haven’t gotten any of those impressions from our brief scenes with Siobhan, but that doesn’t mean she was faking. Bridget keeps reading, and sees the statement, “Says she found answer at Gramercy Cathedral.”

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