Fringe, S4 Ep7 – Wallflower

The Non-Invisible Man

Previously on Fringe: Peter decided he needed to go “back home”. Sniff. Olivia and Our Lincoln seemed a bit flirty. Also, Cortexiphan trials.

Olivia has a migraine

That's a decently realistic look for someone who can't sleep because of a migraine. Nicely done, show.

Olivia opens her medicine cabinet and takes out a prescription bottle. She’s grimacing in obvious pain. When she shakes the bottle, it’s empty. The next scene is her walking into a drug store. I should note it’s dark outside. She goes to the pharmacy counter and tells him she just called in a prescription a little while ago. (Huh, my pharmacy isn’t 24 hour. Lucky Olivia.) The guy hands her a bag and runs her card, telling her she’ll need a doctor to call it in next time because she’s out of refills. She mutters something about having thought she wouldn’t need these anymore, then dry-swallows a pill. I’m sure that’s tasty. Don’t become Dr. House, Olivia. It wouldn’t suit you.

On her way back, Olivia passes a window, then does a double-take and comes back. She enters the diner to greet Lincoln, who is drinking coffee at a table. He’s surprised but happy to see her. She explains that she only lives a few blocks away, and adds that she was going for a walk because she had a migraine and the fresh air helps. Fresh air, maybe, but I’ve never known any migraine sufferer (including myself) who wanted to move at all while experiencing one. Heck, I don’t even want to stand up. Anyway, Lincoln explains in turn that this place is better than most when it comes to late-night dining. He says their coffee is pretty good and invites her to join him. Olivia smiles and cocks her head at him like he’s some kind of curiosity, and then accepts.

They’re pretty flirty (again, Peter/Olivia shippers everywhere including me groan) as Olivia learns that Linc hasn’t been sleeping well since he started working for Fringe. He’s been having trouble adjusting. And though he wasn’t freaked out when she originally asked him, weeks ago, now he is. He used to think he understood the world, but now he’s all confused and adrift. He slept better when he was blissfully ignorant. Olivia says that eventually it will become his life. When he asks if that’s what happened to her, she shrugs and says, “Yeah… sort of.”


First victim


We cut to a man walking quickly through a dark alley. He looks nervous and keeps glancing behind himself. No one’s there. His cell rings and he answers. It’s presumably his wife, and she asks where he is. He says he’s almost there. She picks up on his tone and asks if he’s all right. He tells her he thinks he’s being followed, and tries to pass it off as his imagination. Still, she asks for his location so she can call the police. He tells her it’s fine, but gives her the address anyway. The guy sidesteps a puddle, and then a second later when he looks back again, the puddle water is moving though we still can’t see anyone. He moves toward the front of an apartment building, and his phone rings again. His wife says the police are on their way, and just as the guy is saying everything’s fine because he’s home and unlocking the front door, a blurry something attacks him. He falls over, yelling.

Sirens as a cop car pulls up to the building. The two officers enter the unlocked door and one immediately calls for an ambulance. Our dude from before is lying dead on the ground, and now all the color has been leeched from his hair, skin, and eyes. We see a clear, transparent outline of a figure approach, and one of the cops notices something. “What the hell was that?” he yelps, and pulls out his gun and shoots at the invisible thing. The front door glass shatters, and he shoots some more. His partner hasn’t seen anything. And now the guy’s wife comes downstairs and freaks out at the sight of her husband. Credits.

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