REDUX: Giveaway #4 – Glee Swag Contest! – COMPLETE


REDUX: We had an issue with this contest the first time around (because of issues with our email system), so in all fairness we’re redoing it.  All comment entries from the first contest will be honored, but we’re giving everyone a new chance to enter as our email bounced back some emails during this period.  So for those of you not in the know, this giveaway is of items from both this years Con and the 2010 Con.   We’ve got a Red Foam Loser Finger from 2010 and set of guitar picks given out at this years Con.

Enterting is easy: You must like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter, and you must ALSO either leave us a comment here or email us at to officially enter the giveaway.  As we’re heading into a holiday week and we know a lot of people are going to be on vacation, we’re doing a slightly longer giveaway.  So you have until the day after Glee comes back with Episode 7, Wednesday, November 30th  at 5pm PST to enter when we’ll randomly select a winner.*  Open to participants worldwide.


ETA: One of our public commenters was our winner.  Abby, please email us at so we can get this out to you right away!