Fringe, S4 Ep6 – And Those We’ve Left Behind

Perfect day

They're so adorable, their faces are glowing.

We open with Olivia lying on the grass, eyes closed, with a playground behind her. A hand touches her face, and she smiles without opening her eyes and says, “I thought I’d gotten rid of you.” Peter, for it is he, laughs and says, “Oh, I don’t think so. It took me three years to finally get you. You’re not getting rid of me that easily.” D’awww. Also, Peter’s ring finger is adorned with a ring, but it appears to be on his right hand, so I don’t know exactly what that means. Anyway, they’re both very cute as Olivia asks where he was. He said he was checking up on Walter, who found the swingset, and you know how he feels about Newtonian mechanics. They both look over at said swingset, where a cute kid is pushing a laughing Walter on the swings.

Olivia and Peter agree that this is the perfect day. (If you don’t know by this point that it’s a dream… ) He strokes her face again and they kiss, while a major-key version of their musical theme plays. Olivia remarks that it’s too bad it has to end, and when Peter asks why, she smiles like he’s being silly and says they can’t just ignore the problem. And that problem is? “You, Peter. You’re the problem.” And Peter gasps and wakes up in his cell. Poor Peter.

A moment afterward, the door opens and Olivia comes in. She apologizes for waking him, but there’s something going on and they think it might have something to do with Peter just up and appearing here. The something seems to have to do with time. Well, that’s nice and vague.

Suddenly burned apartment

This time, I'm pretty sure it wasn't a new Cortexikid who did this.

In an apartment in Boston, a little girl runs into the kitchen where her mom is washing dishes in the sink. When the mom turns back to the sink, there’s no water and everything around her looks burned to a crisp. In fact, her whole apartment looks burned, and she yells for her daughter — only to find her as a baby, in a crib in the other room. She grabs her now-infant daughter and runs outside with her. There are scorch marks all over the outside of the building, too. And then there’s a kind of flash, like the skin of a bubble popping, and the mom looks down and her daughter is back to her original age, asking what’s wrong. Credits.

Yay, Peter’s back in the passenger seat while Olivia drives! Peter is craning his head to get a look at everything, like it’s new. Olivia asks what he’s thinking, and Peter says it’s the first chance he’s had to look outside since he got back, and it’s exactly how he remembers. Olivia clarifies that she meant does he have a theory, and Peter asks for more details on the case. She obliges: people are reporting strange deja vu events and time loops. Peter wants to know if that means something like Groundhog Day, and OMG, I really hope so because that is the best movie ever. Olivia doesn’t share my enthusiasm, and just explains that they think it has to do with him because the Fringe team had been experiencing their own time anomalies just before Peter arrived. So apparently they’re taking Peter to Massive Dynamic now to run more tests. When Peter asks what Walter’s theory is about all this, Olivia’s like, “Yeah, don’t you remember how he doesn’t want to see you anymore?”

Peter sighs. Olivia gets a phone call from Lincoln. There’s been another incident. So they make a detour to the location. Astrid is trying to use a tool that’s supposed to detect a breach in the universe, and Walter is reading the manual and giving her pointers from back in the lab. She can’t find any sign of a breach, and Walter remarks that it’s a cool device, nonetheless, “despite the poorly written instruction manual.” Walter’s in a bad mood for most of this episode, but I think we can still deduce by his ire here that it could have been made by Walternate.

Olivia watches Peter

I'm sorry, what was I going to say there, before you distracted me with your blinding charm?

As they enter the apartment, Olivia tells Peter to stay by the entrance, and not to touch anything or talk to anyone. I note that Anna Torv still often says “anything” like an Australian, not a North American. It’s kind of cute, and as accent slip-ups go, it’s pretty minor. Anyway, Broyles exposits that the fire damage appeared in an instant, without any sign of actual flames. Even weirder, the child reverted from a five-year-old to an infant while this was going on. In the other room, Peter overhears the little girl looking for a specific stuffed animal, and he finds it for her. He lays on the charm, as usual, and Olivia watches, kind of like, “I told you not to do that, but dang, you’re kind of cute.”

He goes to her and asks, “You really think I caused all this?” Olivia doesn’t know. Lincoln and Astrid report that the shape of the scorch marks seems to be spherical. Linc also adds that there was a fire at this location about four years ago. That plus the whole age-regression of the kid makes them speculate that this area flashed back in time four years. Broyles says they need to get Peter back to the lab so Walter can run some tests. When Olivia tries to tell him Walter’s refused to be involved, Broyles snaps that Walter can’t decide not to do this — it’s his job to investigate Fringe events and Peter definitely seems to be that.

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