Ringer, S1 Ep8 – Maybe We Can Get A Dog Instead

Previously on Ringer: Remember when Gemma wasn’t missing/dead? Also, everyone is mentioning the fact that Siobhan is pregnant. You think maybe that’s going to be important this week?

And yes it is! We pick up right where we left off with Bridget, in the hospital having an ultrasound done. Nothing is immediately visible on the screen. Bridget still looks nervous, and Andrew is still beaming. Poor guy. The (female) doctor tells her not to worry, that it’s often hard to see the baby during the first ultrasound since it’s so small. Andrew asks why Bridget might have fainted. The doctor says the likely culprit is vasovagal syncope, since she was in a hot, crowded environment. But she only fainted after she went outside, where it wasn’t hot or crowded. Whatever. Plot device.

Sad Andrew

Absolutely crushed.

A few more seconds of looking, and the doctor gets worried. She says she isn’t seeing a baby. Andrew says, “I don’t understand. I thought this was just a precaution. The nurses assured me my wife was fine!” Bridget stammers out that she had some bleeding last week, and a horrified Andrew wants to know why she didn’t say anything. “I didn’t want you to worry,” Bridget answers, and then turns to the doctor as she adds that she thought that spotting was normal. The doctor’s tentative diagnosis is an ectopic pregnancy (you can look that up on Wikipedia if you want more details), which is rarely viable. Looking devastated, Andrew says, “So my wife’s no longer…” “No longer pregnant,” finishes the doctor. She puts a hand on Bridget’s shoulder for a moment and says, “I’m so sorry for your loss.” I honestly had thought they were pointing toward Bridget actually being pregnant. Nice red herring(s) there, show writers.

Back at home, Bridget apologizes, and Andrew says with feeling that she has nothing to be sorry about. “This isn’t your fault,” he continues. “You know that, right? I’m just glad that you’re okay.” Then Juliet comes in, wearing a bizarre sweater thing and bringing some tea she’s made for her fake stepmother. Aw. Quietly, she asks if it hurts, to which Bridget says no. Juliet is still awkwardly curious about it, so Bridget says, “It doesn’t feel like anything, except … sad.” I would say that’s a succinct and accurate way to describe such a situation, were it actually real. Juliet gives Bridget a sincere hug. Aw, again. Andrew suggests they let Siobhan rest. Bridget promises she’ll tell them if she needs anything.

After her family leaves the room, Bridget’s phone chirps, alerting her to a voicemail. It’s Malcolm, telling her where he’s staying and that he needs to see her. So later, once Andrew is asleep, Bridget sneaks out to the motel. As soon as Malcolm ushers her inside his room (I think this is the same set as Siobhan’s apartment when she threw the necklace on the floor at Bridget’s feet in that one flashback scene, but I could be wrong), they hug, and Bridget whispers, “I thought you were dead!”


"You mean my actions have consequences for people other than me?"

Malcolm says he did, too, and gives her a brief summary of what he’s been enduring lately. Bridget looks rightfully horror-stricken. She apologizes and also asks him how he escaped. Malcolm provides the detail that he made Macawi’s men believe Bridget was in Seattle, and then he managed to shake them. “Don’t worry, they didn’t follow me,” he adds. Bridget says she’s not worried about that, only about him. Malcolm flinches away from her touch. He wants them both to get out of NYC right now.

Bridget says she can’t go. She explains how she “threw Bridget under the bus” with the whole Gemma thing. “Why the hell would you do that?!” Malcolm demands, speaking for a lot of the viewing audience as well. Bridget says she had no choice, and that it was the only thing she could think of. Which one of those statements is the most accurate, do you think? She apologizes again for getting Malcolm mixed up in all of this. She suggests that Malcolm move into a hotel near the Martin apartment so he can be safer, but Malcolm says, “You should just go.” Bridget points out, as she hands him a stack of large bills, that Malcolm doesn’t even know where he’s going. He says he’ll figure it out. Then Bridget finally asks, “Are you sure you’re okay?” He points out in turn that she might cut him some slack, considering he just traveled 2000 miles after being beaten on by thugs for days. She concedes the point. Before Bridget leaves, he hands her her six-month chip, so she won’t forget who she is. Bridget doesn’t exactly look pleased with the reminder, but she takes it.

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