Fringe, S4 Ep5 – Novation

Second chance

Previously on Fringe: there were these new translucent-y shape-shifters and one of them killed Our Lincoln’s partner. Also Peter is back. Guess which one most of us care about the most??

Also, FYI, here’s ‘s definition of “novation”, which I didn’t even think was a real word: “1. Law. the substitution of a new obligation for an old one, usually by the substitution of a new debtor or of a new creditor 2. the introduction of something new; innovation.” So take that as you will.

At the Boston Federal Building, Peter gets out of a black SUV, surrounded by agents, including Broyles. They silently escort him to a holding cell inside. I would describe Peter as annoyed but mostly resigned by these events. Also, I’d describe him as very, very pretty in his t-shirt and jeans. Ahem.

Walter's alarm clock

It really does look like a lethal injection chair or something, though.

In the lab, Olivia searches for Walter and Astrid. She hears beeping and finds Walter hooked up to an alarming looking machine, about to be injected with some chemical. Perhaps remembering what happened the last time she found Walter doing something to himself, she freaks out a little and shouts his name. He wakes up. She asks what the hell he’s doing, and Walter simply says, “Sleeping.” He gave himself an IV injection of a barbiturate to get to sleep, and then of adrenaline to wake himself up. Only Walter. He says he’s sleeping like that because he can’t rest knowing that the strange man who’s been haunting him for weeks has appeared but no one has let him see him.

Olivia’s like, “Yeah, about that…” It seems that the man now refuses to talk to anyone except Walter. Uneasily, she adds that he’s claiming that his name is Peter Bishop, and he’s Walter’s son. (Sort of. He doesn’t add that, but it’s true.) Walter looks shocked.

New York. A woman in a house has turned the place upside down looking for something. A man we assume is her husband comes in and asks her what’s going on, and she nervously claims she can’t find the electric bill. I don’t know who you pay, but I’ll bet you can do that online, my dear. He asks if she’s all right and she says she is, and remarks that she’ll go start dinner. He says he’ll be right there.

She apparently does start dinner, chopping vegetables at least, but then changes her mind. Her hand is shaking. She hears the shower start upstairs and goes into the bedroom next to it, taking the man’s keys to try to unlock something in the closet. She’s pretty frantic by this point. Her husband comes into the room, leaving the water running like maybe it’s her water bill she should be worrying about. “Karen? What are you doing?” he asks. Then he looks alarmed. Her face and skin is turning see-through.

The shapeshifter tortures

Ewwww, exploding eye juice.

He starts to back away, asking what’s wrong, and she pursues him. “Your research files, are they in the safe?” she demands. He doesn’t know what she’s talking about. He falls over, and sees the dead body of Karen under the bed. “Karen” shifts to looking like shape-shifter Nadine from the season premiere and demands again to know where the files are. She grabs him by the throat, and when he still won’t answer, she puts his eye out. Ewwwww. Credits.

Federal Building. Walter, supported by Astrid, walks in with Broyles, asking the latter why they think there’s any validity to this stranger’s claims. Broyles said they got a DNA sample from his IV at the hospital and there’s a 99.7% chance he’s related to Walter. As Olivia joins them, Walter suggests that there may be yet another universe, and perhaps this person is another version of — but he can’t even say the words “my son.” Awwww. Olivia wonders, that being the case, why he’s shown up in her dreams. Walter snaps that it was just a theory.

Walter sees Peter for the "first time"

Also, I just thought: it's a really good thing Walter's left the lab a few times before this.

Broyles has a list of questions for the still-reluctant Walter to ask Peter. Astrid and Olivia assure him he’ll be fine, and he can leave the room anytime he wants. So, Walter goes in, although he can’t even look up at Peter until Peter says, “Hello, Walter.” And the hope and relief in Peter’s face, and the wonder and pain in Walter’s? Man, I cannot even. Just can’t.

Walter looks down again and sits at the table across from his kinda-son. As Broyles, Olivia, and Astrid watch from behind the mirrored glass, Peter says, “You don’t know who I am, do you?” At Walter’s head shake, Peter’s face falls. He says he knows this must be confusing for Walter, but he needs his help. “I need you to help me figure out why no one remembers me. Why you don’t remember me.” Walter says he’ll try.

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