Glee, S3 Ep5 – The First Time


AmericaAll the Songs I didn’t get to before. Rachel and Blaine sing “Tonight, Tonight.” Absolutely beautiful. Their voices really are amazing together. I still want more Klaine duets, but I’m okay with the Blainchel duets too.  “A Boy Like That” from Santana and Rachel. Great song to intersperse with the Blaine and Sebastian convo. Michele & Rivera are fantastic. “America” is very fun. Good to have that moment of fun in there.

Favorite Bits, Anecdotes & Lingering Questions:

– “Are you going to cry every time we sing?” Beiste is adorable. Love her.

– “You can’t do this with your brother.” Actually Rachel, he kinda could. Considering they’re not actually blood relatives, and Kurt wouldn’t have minded at all once upon a time. It really would have been funnier if Finn said something along those lines. But it’s still pretty funny in my head.

– The way Finn is all ‘Burt & Carole are out, so we have the house to ourselves.’ Um…Kurt? Did you really forget your brother already. You were just talking about him.

– When Blaine’s Roxy Music starts playing over the end of the Finchel scene I thought we’d ventured into a scary porno.

– The scene with Klaine in Blaine’s bedroom. Why can’t we have a scene like that every episode? Or even the whole show? It doesn’t even have to be the boys, it can be anyone. But moments like that are what make me love this show, even when it’s bad.

America– Blaine just confessed that he masturbates to thoughts of tearing Kurt’s clothes off. That’s not surprising, but that it happened on Fox is.

– “Because of the layers?” “Because of the layers.”

– “…apparently he’s sex on a stick and sings like a dream.” Sebastian may be a dick, but he’s got this right.

– Kurt’s bucket list. I would really like to see the rest of the list please. Just put it on the dvds or something.

– Brittany losing her virginity at Cheerleading camp. Alien Invasion? Writers, that means she got RAPED. That’s not cool. How do you think that’s okay?!

– Blaine walks home. Where the heck does this boy live? He used to go to a school over 2 hours from Lima. Did his parents actually live in Lima the whole time? Shouldn’t he have gone to public school with some of New Directions before he transfered? Glee, you confuse me.


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