Glee, S3 Ep5 – The First Time

The Warblers are back

Well, The Warblers never did have difficult choreography. Of course Blaine could pick it up in 3 seconds.

The Warblers are back! Second only to Klaine, the Warblers return was the best things about this episode. I am one of those people who could totally watch the spinoff show all about the Warblers. Ryan Murphy, make that happen. There is nothing not to love about a bunch of dreamy boys (half of whom look well over 30) singing and dancing. Though I gotta say, ‘Uptown Girl,’ while fun, just proved that they are nothing without Mr. Blaine Anderson. Still, they’re awesome, and I can’t wait to see more of them. My bet, Regionals competition. Just saying.

Sebastian Smythe doesn’t take ‘No’ for an answer. Of course, the only problem with the Warblers return is the new guy brought into the mix. The totally creepy and lecherous, Sebastian Smythe. Blaine honey, you’re adorable, and usually I love how polite you are, but there is no need to be polite to someone who acts like this. All obviously only interested in one thing, and not caring that you are very much in love with a boy who is kinder, more talented, and a whole lot prettier. Criss played the scene in the Lima Bean, after Kurt shows up and the claws come out, beautifully. You can just tell how desperate Blaine is to get out of this situation, and how much he very much does not want to go to Scandals as it means having to spend more time with the scary Warbler. Of course, Kurt is clearly not getting the same signals we are, and agrees to go to the bar.

Karofsky’s Swan Song? Please let this be the end of Karofsky? Just, please? He was an interesting character only so far as it lead to a great storyline for Chris Colfer. Now, his story is done, and I’d like to focus on the core cast and not this peripheral character please.

Kurt Hummel, sexy mofo

That is his "I want to tear your clothes off right now" look

Everything is Klaine and nothing hurts. Well, I guess that’s not entirely accurate. But it’s pretty true. I think the story of the boys sexual journey in this episode was handled much better than Finchel’s. From the first scene they have together, in Blaine’s bedroom, you get where their story is going and it feels right. From a few lines the entire scene manages to tell us everything we need to know. Kurt, by bringing up the subject in the first place is really trying to tell Blaine he’s ready. Blaine doesn’t get that, of course. But he’s clearly ready too, and probably has been for awhile. He’s just waiting for Kurt to be ready, and is such a sweetheart he doesn’t really get that that’s exactly what his boyfriend is telling him. And then there’s Sebastian. I do have to say, given that Colfer has been talking about wanting some kind of conflict in the Klaine dynamic, because he’s getting bored with their happy-no problems relationship, this was probably the best way they could have done it. Well, they could have just had them confront the very real possibility that they’re going to be living 600 miles apart next year, but you know, it’s Glee and so conflict in a relationship must actually be about a love triangle in some way, so this is what we get instead. I digress. So because Kurt doesn’t get the “ABORT MISSION” and “DON’T WANT” vibes that Blaine is throwing off, they end up going to Scandals. Blaine gets drunk on one beer, dances with Sebastian until Kurt finally cuts in, and gets a little handsy in the back of the car, which Kurt is not amused by.  According to fan reports from filming, this scene was cut quite a bit. Because according to them, the boys made out a bit in the back of that car before Kurt got mad and got out. This would have made for a whole different scene. By having Kurt respond to Blaine’s advances a bit, it would have taken a lot of the edge away from this scene, and would have made it not quite so uncomfortable if he’d been responding and then just didn’t want to go all the way for very valid reasons. Instead, Blaine comes off as a total dick. No beating around the bush there, he’s an ass. In the end, it’s the same as with the Mercedes is better than Rachel scenario (even though I still say Rachel was 100x better). We have to accept what the show is telling us, and Kurt obviously didn’t think it was that big of a deal if he thought Blaine making out with Rachel in “Blame It On The Alcohol” was worse, so we let it go. Even if that scene is incredibly uncomfortable for me to watch still.

KlaineSo in an absolutely beautiful scene on the auditorium stage, Kurt comes to Blaine to end their standoff. Because it had to be Kurt. Blaine was the one who was in the wrong, and I’m sure he was terrified of losing Kurt completely, so he let Kurt come to him in his own time. Blaine tells him that Sebastian means nothing to him (which Kurt had to know, but it always helps to hear it), apologizes for how wrong he was, and they share a beautiful kiss. Criss’ acting in this scene is superb. We still don’t know much about Blaine’s family, but from the reaction to Kurt telling Blaine how proud he is, it’s not hard to guess that that’s not something Blaine hears very often. And then Kurt decides not to beat around the bush this time, and tells Blaine he wants to back to Blaine’s house, and the boy gets it this time. So while Blaine & Rachel sing “One Hand, One Heart” from West Side Story, the two couples sleep together for the first time. And Glee does something that is always amazing, even though it doesn’t do it enough, and gives the gay couple and the straight couple equal representation while they share one of lifes big moments. And yes, I cried.

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