Glee, S3 Ep5 – The First Time


This is it. The one we’ve all been waiting for. Or at least, I’ve been waiting for it. Maybe you don’t like Klaine and so you could care less. If so, you probably shouldn’t be reading this anyway ’cause I’m not apologizing for my love of these boys.

So, now that we’ve done that. Time for the episode (Yay!).


Tonight, Tonight

Don't listen to Artie. Do things at your own speed.

Artie gets wildly inappropriate. You thought I was going to skip right to Klaine, didn’t you? If I did that there’d pretty much be no point to the rest of the recap. So we gotta start small and work our way up to the awesome. Hence, Artie’s wildly inappropriate calling people out on their virginity. Including teachers. Who the hell thought that was an okay storyline? It’s bad enough that he calls Rachel & Blaine out on it, and belittles their completely justifiable wish to wait for a time when they, and their partners, are ready. I really wanted to smack Artie at that moment. Then again, I want to fairly regularly. So that’s nothing new. But then he goes after Beiste. How is it okay for a student to be confronting his teacher about their sex life? I’m pretty sure if that happened in real life the student would be sent to detention at the very least. Not cool. The worst though? That Rachel and Blaine buy into it. Rachel more than Blaine of course, but Blaine also apologized for having let her down for not having lost his virginity by opening night. The idea of it disgusts me, and these characters are better than that. So shame on you, writers.

Beiste gets a beau. I actually really love the idea that Beiste just doesn’t even get it when the Football scout, Cooter, is hitting on her. It honestly makes the whole idea of her never even having been kissed a lot more believable for me. ‘Cause she may not fit our conventional vision of beauty (the one force fed down our throats by all forms of media), but I find it hard to believe she would never have met someone who found her attractive before. I now imagine all sorts of similar situations with guys trying to ask her out and her just never getting it. And that’s kind of adorable.

More Finn figuring out what to do with his life. I honestly wish I could care about this storyline. Cory Monteith seems like a nice guy, but I honestly cannot stand Finn. Actually, it’s not that I’m angered by him or anything. I just honestly could care less. He’s down with Will and Mercedes as my least favorite characters, but not because he makes me frustrated like they do, but because he makes me want to fall asleep. It’s sad, because this is a good story to be telling. The kid who doesn’t yet know his way in life. A way to show that that’s ok. You go to college, get some more experience, figure things out. It’s not like everyone has to know what they were going to do with their entire lives at 18. Or 30. Heck, even in their golden years people change their minds. So this is a great story to tell. But I just don’t care when it’s related to Finn. Boo hoo, he’s not going to be a football player because he’s really not good enough. Cry me a river. Just get off my screen already. Give me some more Rachel, less Finn, in that Finchel equation.

Finchel Do It. I still don’t really know how I feel about how this storyline played out. Obviously I like that they didn’t go through with it after the first attempt. Rachel’s reasoning was all wrong, and good on Finn to back away. Though my husbands reaction was to say that he’s a teenage boy and there’s no way he’d have turned her down, no matter what her reasons, but maybe I’m a romantic. I like that he did. But I’m not sure I ever really felt like Rachel did have a good reason for going through with it in the end. I don’t ever get a feeling in the episode that she does actually want to have sex. Even when she goes to Finn apparently for the right reasons at the end. It just comes off as something she thinks she should do, as opposed to something that she actually wants to do. We get that build up with Klaine in the ep, them both actually wanting it. But I only ever felt that Finn wanted it, not Rachel. And so when they do finally do the deed, it feels cheap to me. Like Rachel’s only doing it because she wants to make Finn feel better after he’s rejected by the scout.

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