Ringer, S1 Ep7 – Oh Gawd, There’s Two of Them?

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And we’re back with a new episode of Ringer! Did everyone miss it last week? I did. I’ll admit it, I used my increased free time to watch more episodes of The West Wing on DVD, but I still did miss it.

Anyway. We open on a shot of a crowd of reporters and photographers outside the Butler place, trying to get a statement from Henry as he’s taken down to the precinct for yet more questioning. Henry looks harried and unhappy, as people in similar situations usually do. We learn from one of the reporters’ questions that Gemma has been missing for 48 hours. All Henry says is that he wants his wife back.

Bridget in leather

Is she auditioning for a particular role in The Sword of Truth?

We see that Bridget is watching this on TV in the Martin house. She’s wearing some rather hideous maroon top that looks like it’s made of leather. In fact, I wonder for a moment if she’s going for some kind of Mord-Sith look (although it looks more comfortable than those outfits). Andrew tells her she should stop stressing herself and the baby out by watching this. Bridget asks if he knows of a private investigator they could hire. Andrew points out that Gemma’s ultra-rich daddy isn’t going to let the police let Gemma become one of those missing-person cases that never gets solved. He changes the subject, informing Bridget that Henry wants to know if she and Andrew are going to the art pavilion opening tonight. It’s a project that Gemma worked on for two years, so Henry feels like he has to go, to honor her. Aw, that’s almost sweet. Except not really, because Henry’s still a … I’ll let him tell us what he is, later on in this episode.

Just then, the phone rings. Bridget answers it just as Juliet enters the room with Detective Saldana and a uniformed cop. Andrew assumes the police are there for her, which causes Juliet to roll her eyes. But Saldana says she’s here because the police believe Mrs. Martin has vital information about Gemma’s disappearance. Juliet asks if they found Gemma. Andrew kind of rudely orders Juliet to just go get ready for school. Meanwhile, Saldana wants ‘Mrs. Martin’ to come down to the precinct. When Andrew asks if that’s really necessary, Saldana informs them that they have a suspect, and the investigation is now joint between the NYPD and the FBI. Bridget appears cooperative; she just says she’s going to get her phone. Andrew coldly informs Saldana that they could have come down to the precinct without an escort, and his wife is pregnant and doesn’t need added stress, and blah blah we’re rich and privileged and shouldn’t be subject to all this police nonsense. Saldana is unimpressed.

Bridget paces back and forth in front of her closet for a few seconds before pulling out the assassin’s cell phone from where she’d been hiding it (in one of a pair of boots). She dials a number and leaves a message: “Hey, it’s Bridget. I’m not sure what to say or how to explain, but I think I really messed up this time.” We as the viewing audience are again left with the impression that Bridget really isn’t smart with phones.

Bridget makes a call

So, who are you telling about your mistakes this time?

Speaking of phones, Saldana gets a call while they all wait for Bridget, and Andrew has his phone out, too. Maybe he’s playing Angry Birds or something, although I guess it doesn’t look like a smart phone. Juliet is also on her phone while she asks her dad for permission to go to her friend Monica’s house after school for the weekend. She promises she won’t do anything wrong, and that Monica’s parents will be there the whole time. Andrew reluctantly says yes.

As Juliet and her phone leave, Saldana hangs up her phone (how many more times am I going to have to type the word “phone” in this recap?!) and informs Andrew that he’ll need to come to the precinct as well, because Gemma’s last call before she went missing was to him.

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