Glee, S3 Ep4 – Pot O’ Gold

Last Friday Night

Brittana. There were many a happy shippers in Glee-land after the brief scene that finally cemented the relationship between Brittany and Santana. Honestly, I am very whatever about them as a couple, but I love Santana and can’t wait to see where the storyline goes. I’ll admit it, I know some spoilers. Let’s just say 3×07 sounds like it could be an awesome ep.

Since When Is Everybody Friends Again? Ok, wait. Last we saw Mercedes (um, yeah. I skipped that ep here. I was just full of rage and couldn’t make myself write about it. FAIL), everyone was mad at her. Now not only is she able to convince Santana, and through her Brittany, to ditch ND and join the Troubletones (which btw, worse name for a group ever award goes to them), but at the end Kurt, Artie, and Tina are all waving at her sadly like they miss their friend. But I thought we hated Mercedes because she’s being a crazy bitch now that she has skeevy!Shane around? Glee, why can’t you stay consistent from one episode to the next? Is it really that hard?


Favorite bits:

– “If this Nation wants to impress our future Chinese overlords…” – Sue (who else?!)

– “I thought that America was all about different unique people coming together and accepting each other.” “That’s a pretty old brochure, Dude.” – Rory & Finn

– “What, that Sour Patch Kids are just Gummy Bears that turned to drugs?” – Brittany

– I have to mention the Klaine twirl again, because it’s just too adorable.

– I really hope that kitty litter was fresh, because they actually ate the Baby Ruth’s put in there. That’s just terrifying.

– Brittany’s smack down of Finn. I don’t know if there’s something really wrong with Brittany, or she really is just that naive, but Finn’s calling her an idiot was not cool. So apparently between this, Blaine, and Santana calling him on his hypocrisy just moments before . . . I apparently just really like when Finn gets called on his crap.

U2 is overrated

U2 really is overrated though.

– Sue calling ND on having gone to Nationals without a setlist, and then writing the song the night before the competition. At least the show acknowledges this is ridiculous. Not that I expect them to change things any time soon.

– “Say U2 is overrated.  SAY IT.” – Random mulleted hockey player.

– Kurts’ face when Rory hits that falsetto. Don’t worry honey, you’re still a much better singer.

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