Glee, S3 Ep4 – Pot O’ Gold

Last Friday Night
Sit Down, Blaine

Poor Blaine, just trying to cheer peeps up.

Sit Down Blaine. Could Finn be any more jealous of Blaine? He continues to prove that if you look in the dictionary for the word ‘hypocrite’ you’ll see a picture of one Mr. Finn Hudson by giving a grand speech about how the team needs to come together, and then when Blaine tries to back him up he jumps on him. At least Blaine isn’t just taking it. It’s a little weird that Kurt has yet to give Finn crap for his attitude toward Blaine, but maybe it’s because he knows Blaine can hold his own and this is his battle to fight. I’d still like to see some Stepbrother crack down though. Just like it’s weird that Blaine is fairly buddy buddy with Rachel still, even after the whole Election storyline. Maybe they just have very dysfunctional relationships, or is it that they’re functional, and what I remember from High School is actually the dysfunction? Now I’m all contemplative. Oh well, at least Finn didn’t sit in a corner and mope while Blaine tried to rile everyone up with “Last Friday Night” like Santana.

Why Are The Couples Not Sitting Together? Ok, so this isn’t always a thing, but when it is, it’s glaringly obvious and really weird. It may have been over a decade since I graduated, but I don’t think High School has changed so much that couples aren’t still attached at the hip. Heck, when I go out with my husband people still go out of their way to let us sit next to each other, even though we honestly don’t need to half the time. But that’s just how it is in relationships. So every time you randomly have Rachel sitting by herself off to the left, while Finn’s in the middle of the room, or Kurt’s in the back row while Blaine’s in the front, it’s just odd. Especially when they’re alone. I get that they’re probably only trying to make the room look like it’s more full by spreading people out, but for me it just draws my attention away from whatever is going on with the story and makes me start to wonder if Finchel had another fight about Rachel entering the Presidential race or something.


Sometimes the best parts of this show is watching them all have fun.

The Blaine and Rachel Show. I am convinced that Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck are trolling tumblr after that line. This is easily the most fun part of the episode. Just all of them getting to have fun and perform for themselves. It’s when this show is at its best really. I bet Naya Rivera was sad that she had to act all huffy while everyone else was dancing around. Some great moments during the performance. What I wanted most out of Blaine transferring was these little background moments with Kurt and we get some great ones here: twirls, hip grabs. Just general adorableness. Poor Chris Colfer got run into by Artie’s wheelchair though. Love seeing that Blaine at least has some friendly people in ND with moments with Mike, Tina and Artie. Finn grabbing Rachel is hilarious to me because I think Cory Monteith had to really think about the placement of his arms considering the way he’s lifting Lea Michele he’s got them both bracketing her arse. The whole scene was just generally fun, even with a stroppy Santana. At least Blaine gave her an eyeroll in return.

Burt Hummel

I'd vote for him.

Burt Hummel For President. Tell me you wouldn’t vote for him, I won’t believe you. So now not only does he get the ‘Father of the Year’ Award every year, but he somehow finds a way to make politicians look even worse (who knew that was possible) by being generally awesome and running for Congress against Sue. Sue is probably the only person not pleased by this. I love that Burt was already way ahead of Schue on this, and has started looking into running. And I cannot wait to see Kurt and Schue bump heads on running Burt’s campaign. A lot of people questioned the fact that Burt says the Glee Club saved Kurt’s life, and what that means. It’s not the Karofsky thing, because I’m sorry, but those kids did nothing to help Kurt with that situation, except for maybe Blaine and to an extent Finn. But I don’t think he means that Kurt was ever suicidal either. I think he just means that by having that support system, lacking as it was at times, Kurt was never so alone that he contemplated suicide. I could be wrong and we could be hearing about some crazy past we don’t know of, but I think it’s that simple really. One of the best parts of Burt’s running now is that Sue finally has a cause I can support. 

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