Glee, S3 Ep4 – Pot O’ Gold

Last Friday Night

So we’re back from hiatus. . . and the episode is lackluster. No, really, the best part of the entire episode was the preview for next week’s episode “The First Time” (followed closely by “Last Friday Night” as performed by Blaine and the rest of New Directions), and that’s only partly because I, like many fans of Klaine, have been anxiously awaiting that episode for ages. The fact that it’s almost upon us is enough to make me a little giddy with excitement.

But I’m not supposed to be talking about that yet, am I?  I’m supposed to talk about Pot O’ Gold. Um, yeah. I’m having a hard time rewatching this episode to be honest. And I am the Queen of rewatching things to death. This ep though, just so blah.

They're eating turds

See what I mean? CREEPY LOOKS

That Irish Dude. A large part of that is about Rory (Damian McGinty), who we’re introduced to in this ep. I didn’t watch a lot of The Glee Project. I watched just enough to get to know their voices, a few eps at the end there, but as some have pointed out the issue with TGP is that they focus more on their singing abilities instead of acting. Basically, they were putting too much of an emphasis on the voices, whereas the original auditions for the cast of Glee were about finding actors who could sing. I loved McGinty from what little I saw of him on TGP, but after having seen him in an episode of Glee proper? Boy cannot act, AT ALL. This is already a major problem. The character of Rory seems nice enough, though obviously a little naive and conniving. I was not impressed with him trying to get into Brittany’s “Pot O’ Gold” by manipulating her naivete. Then again, that’s her entire relationship with Santana, so apparently the writers see no problem with it. The problem is, because of McGinty’s poor acting skills, he comes across as incredibly creepy. Some of those looks he shoots Brittany during the montage for “It Ain’t Easy Being Green” made me shiver. Not in a warm fuzzy way, but a creepy stalker vibe way. After his second scene my husband was asking me how many episodes we had to put up with this character for. When I informed him that it was a minimum of seven, but it seemed likely that he’d be sticking around, he was not pleased. I’ll admit, I did feel bad for him at the end, when he was confronted about his lying by Brittany, and then basically told to kill himself by Santana, but it wasn’t enough to make me really want to see more of him. McGinty still seems like the sweetest guy, and he himself has admitted that he feels a bit intimidated having never acted before, so maybe there’s hope for him yet. Working around actors as talented as Chris Colfer, Lea Michele, and Jane Lynch has to rub off a little bit, right? And at least the boy really can sing. Something Kurt didn’t seem all that happy about, when he hit that falsetto.

Quinn & Puck

Quinn, please just stop talking.

The Storyline Pretty Much Everyone Seems To Hate. This whole thing with Quinn really better be leading somewhere good. Like, she has a nervous breakdown good (narratively speaking, obviously not for the character). Because otherwise I would actually rather watch an entire episode of Mercedes whine because skeevy!Shane told her to than this BS. And I know I’m not alone in this. I have yet to see one person say they actually like this storyline. Not that fans aren’t out there, but they’re not as plentiful or vocal as the haters. I don’t really get why Puck is at all going along with Quinn’s crazy scheming. He’s said he doesn’t given a damn about her, only about Beth, and he keeps saying that he thinks Shelby’s a good Mother. Then why would he not try and smack some sense into Quinn instead of letting her plant books about baby sacrifice in Shelby’s home? And since when does Quinn think she doesn’t get a shot at getting out of that town? Wasn’t that the whole point of giving Beth up in the first place? So that she would still be able to make something of herself, and not just be that girl who got pregnant in High School and never made anything of her life? This is why I think we’re going to get something epic in the end with this story. It’s got to be leading to something major, because that girl clearly has some serious emotional issues she needs to deal with. In the mean time we get Puck & Shelby kissing. Hmph.

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