Ringer, S1 Ep6 – The Poor Kids Do It Every Day

Best Friends

Back in Wyoming, Machado and friends have not found any evidence that Malcolm was at the club. Machado is highly disappointed. He and Macawi glare at each other for about a year before the moment is FINALLY broken when Machado gets a phone call. It’s Detective Saldana, who greets Machado with “Hey” even though they’ve never met. Uh, right. Sure. Very professional. She tells him that her potential missing person case has fingerprint evidence that might be of interest to him: does the name “Bridget Kelly” ring a bell for him? Yes, it does. Also, if Bridget’s fingerprints are in the system, Machado is going to feel even more like a moron when he finally figures out that ‘Siobhan’ is Bridget, and that therefore he could have just dusted the house or the loft in NYC for prints and cracked this case weeks ago.

Speaking of Bridget, she arrives back at the apartment only for a very somber Andrew to ‘break the news’ that Gemma is missing, and that she may have been a victim of foul play. Bridget is as good of an actress as Siobhan when she wants to be: she convincingly looks shocked. The additional sadness and worry is probably not an act, though. Andrew hugs her, and Bridget cries a bit onto his shoulder.

After Andrew leaves to reschedule a work meeting so he can be with his distraught wife (aww), Bridget gets a call from Agent Machado. First off, he offers his sympathies since he’s just heard about Gemma Butler. Then he asks, “Can you think of any reason why your sister would want to hurt Gemma?” He tells her they found fingerprints that implicate Bridget, and to expect a visit from him as soon as he gets back into town.

We flash back to Bridget going through the dumpster. She pulls out one of the largest shards of the vase (or whatever it was), and very purposefully takes off one glove so she can touch it bare-handed. Meanwhile, in the present, Bridget has gone over to stare at the giant portrait of Siobhan — sigh — meaningfully. I didn’t see that twist coming. In light of what she said to Charlie earlier, I think we’re meant to get that she’s severing all ties to her past by throwing suspicion on her old self. However, I don’t see how she couldn’t realize how much more easily this could all come crumbling down around her now.

Final scene of the episode. Paris. Before I continue, I feel I must mention that the vocalist in the song in the background is repeating, “Go to him”, but at first it sounded for all the world like she was saying, “Go to hell.” The former is definitely less weird, although the latter would be amusing.

Siobhan in lace

I don't even have words for that outfit.

But back to Siobhan, who’s picking up her cell phone and wearing yet another incredibly bizarre outfit. It’s like a silk robe over some kind of hideous lace thing. The combination is not flattering in the least. When she answers, a voice that sounds distinctly familiar says that “the Gemma problem has been taken care of.” It sounds, in fact, like it might be Charlie. Oh, Charlie. You seemed so gorgeous sweet and caring! Siobhan looks sad. “I didn’t want it to have to come to this,” she says.

So, was it Charlie on the other end of the call? Is Gemma really dead? Will Juliet end up sleeping with Mr. Logan? Was the fingerprint thing a clever or a dumb move on Bridget’s part? I can answer only one of those questions for sure at this moment. For the rest, we wait.

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