Ringer, S1 Ep6 – The Poor Kids Do It Every Day

Best Friends

Machado is eating lunch at a diner when he’s interrupted by the arrival of Kemper, who has good news: the cigarette butts had the DNA of one of Macawi’s thugs on them. They now have grounds for a warrant to search the club. Good! Too bad it’s much too late. In fact, when they kick out all the patrons and sweep the club for evidence of Malcolm, they find nothing, even in the locked basement. The audience does see the heroin spoon from earlier under a table, but since everyone in law enforcement on this show is pretty much pointless, they don’t even find that (as far as we know).

Juliet is trying not to cry as she waits outside the principal’s office. That’s when Mr. Logan walks up and sees her. He asks if she’s okay. “Never better, I love it here,” she snarks, wiping away tears. “I think I may even try out for the cheerleading squad.” That’s gotta be a Buffy reference, right? I’m taking it as one. The two bond a little bit over being the new kid: Mr. Logan was a military brat, so he went to seven different schools from grades one to twelve. But unlike with Juliet, his dad never called him a liar, so she says he wins there.

Juliet & Logan

You may have noticed I kind of like Jason Dohring.

Except not if we’re talking about Aaron Echolls, who is a million times worse than Juliet’s dad. Tearfully, Juliet says she just wanted to be able to have a fresh start here.

When Principal Caruso (who is not wearing dramatic sunglasses and looks nothing like Horatio Caine, despite the name) and Andrew join them outside her office, Mr. Logan stands up and informs the principal that there’s been a mistake: Juliet didn’t start the fight. He lies that he saw the fight from the beginning, and thus he knows Tessa started it. Andrew smiles a little at his daughter, and then says Principal Caruso owes Juliet an apology. Don’t be snotty, Andrew. You could apologize, too.

It must be the end of the school day, because Mr. Logan is locking up his classroom door while Andrew and the principal chat in the background and Juliet waits. She and Mr. Logan are out of earshot of the others. She points out to him that she knows he didn’t actually see the fight from the beginning. Mr. Logan just smiles and explains that he’s had the “pleasure” of having Tessa Banner in his class twice now, so he knows what kind of student she is … and as for Juliet, everyone deserves a fresh start. Aw. Juliet thanks him and watches him as he leaves. Now we all just have to wait and see if Mr. Logan is a mentor to Juliet, or if they end up in a little bit more inappropriate sort of relationship. …What? I wasn’t the only one who thought it!

At the police station, Henry is looking at photos of the evidence recovered from the dumpster. He says he doesn’t recognize anything in the pictures, and wonders why the police just believe the tip from this anonymous woman, anyway. “We don’t even know that Gemma is missing,” he protests. She hasn’t been missing for the requisite 24 hours. This makes the detectives wonder if Henry wants Gemma to be found. He quickly says of course he does, but he’d rather believe all of this was some sort of terrible mistake. His voice even breaks as he says it. When the detectives step out of the room for a second, he does look like he’s trying not to cry. Whether that’s because of genuine worry about Gemma, or worry that he’ll go down for her murder, I’ll let you decide.

The detectives come back in and tell Henry they don’t have anymore questions for the time being. He then asks them, like, three times if that means he’s free to go now, and each time the answer is yes. Just get out already, Henry! Would you rather to be arrested?

Macawi glare

Would you and Machado get a room already?

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