Ringer, S1 Ep6 – The Poor Kids Do It Every Day

Best Friends

They meet in a coffee shop. Bridget hands over Juliet’s stash, wondering aloud if she’s now put Charlie in the same predicament by giving him the drugs. Just to be safe, he tosses it in the garbage can right behind him. “Now why couldn’t I just do that?” Bridget asks wryly.

Another mirror shot

Ohh, I get it, show! A mirror, because they're twins!!1

Charlie just says it’s okay, and that she did ask for help when she needed it, which is good. Now she can wake up in the morning and look “her” right in the eye without any regrets, he adds, pointing to Bridget’s reflection in a — sigh — nearby mirror. Whyyy, show? Why must you return to this motif?? You were doing so well! Bridget looks at herself again, and then all but flees the coffee shop, apologizing and thanking Charlie for his time as she does so.

She calls Henry while hailing a cab, telling him that she believes that he wouldn’t hurt Gemma, but that she’s not happy about his attempted cover-up. When she asks where he dumped the rags, to “make sure [he] covered [his] tracks”, he tells her. I wonder that Henry isn’t more suspicious at this point, but we’ve firmly established that we’re not dealing with the most intelligent of people on this show.

So Machado and his colleague — Detective Kemper, I think his name is? – go to Macawi’s club looking for Malcolm. Of course they don’t get anywhere without a warrant, and now Macawi knows they’re looking for the poor guy. You’ve probably doomed Malcolm, Machado. The actor is in the credits as a cast member, but otherwise I wouldn’t be surprised if his character were dead. This scene also includes this deeply original exchange: Macawi’s thug: “You got a warrant, chief?” Detective Kemper: “Why? You got something to hide?” Gaaaah.

In the principal’s office, Juliet is trying to explain that she didn’t start the fight. The principal doesn’t believe her, because of what the other students have said and because of Juliet’s rather damning records from her previous school. When Andrew gets there, he doesn’t believe Juliet, either, which Juliet finds devastating. I understand her point of view, but I also understand where Andrew is coming from. Still, he could have perhaps been kinder about it.

Bridget has found the dumpster where Henry hid the bloodstained rags and pottery shards.

Dumpster diving

At least she's not wearing a white blouse this time.

Seeing SMG digging through a dumpster in a dark alley cannot fail to remind me of Buffy, but there are no dismembered body parts this time. Still wearing the same gloves with which she touched some of the contents of that garbage bag (ewww!), Bridget then uses a pay phone to call the NYPD tip line. She reports Gemma Butler missing and tells them where the evidence for possible foul play can be found. At this point, I had no idea why she was doing this, if not to sink Henry.

And in fact in the very next scene, Henry is approached about his missing wife, by a Detective Saldana and a Detective Towers. One of the detectives actually says that they received an anonymous tip from a woman who seemed very concerned about Gemma, like, way to make sure your tipster stays anonymous by revealing her gender! Henry does okay at maintaining his innocence without coming across as too guilty, until he’s obviously shaken by their question about a bag with bloody rags in it that they found in a dumpster. They take him in for questioning.

Bridget, who is watching from across the street as Henry get into the cop car with the detectives, gets a call from Charlie. He’s checking in after her hasty exit from the cafe. Bridget says sorry again and thanks him for meeting her, and then takes him up on the offer to be her new sponsor. Oh dear. This will probably not end well for Charlie — unless he’s evil (see the end of this recap), in which case it will not end well for Bridget. Anyway, he says sure, as long as she makes it a regular thing. She replies that her schedule has been unpredictable lately, so she’ll have to get back to him on that. He asks her if he can trust her not to go back to the cafe and dig the drugs out of the garbage, to which she says, “Those are relics of my old life. Today’s about protecting my new one”, as Henry goes past her in the back of the detectives’ car. Hmm.

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