Ringer, S1 Ep6 – The Poor Kids Do It Every Day

Best Friends

Back in Wyoming, Machado’s friend (the cop from whom Bridget stole the gun) is informing Machado that Bridget’s sponsor Malcolm has gone missing. So they finally noticed! I’m sorry: as much as I hope Malcolm makes it out of this alive, I have stopped caring about this storyline as a whole. Here’s a quick summary: they found Malcolm’s car in the community college’s parking garage, as well as a pile of cigarettes that they’ll check for DNA to see if it was one of Macawi’s men. Then they decide to go visit Macawi’s club looking for Malcolm. Before they arrive, Malcolm seems to have finally broken under the pressure of a forced detox with heroin just out of reach.

At Cliché Public High School, Tessa snipes at Juliet that she made a big mistake in class today. Juliet is unrepentant — until Tessa slams her into a row of lockers. No one jumps in to help the new girl, though they gather to watch. Juliet looks around at the circle of students, and then she does this rather awesome transformation from vulnerable to vengeful as she launches herself at Tessa.

Breaking up the fight

"Hey! I'm the one who's the troublemaker!"

They roll around on the floor, fighting, while the other students egg them on and/or record it with their phones.

Unlike on, say, Glee, there are actual teachers at this school who will step in and do something at times like this. Mr. Logan and some other guy arrive to pull the combatants apart. I still find it weird seeing Mr. Logan as an adult who breaks up fights, instead of an angry teen who starts them.

Bridget arrives back at the Martin apartment. She’s all twitchy as she picks up Juliet’s stash again from where she, uh, stashed it in a drawer. Then someone grabs her from behind and puts a hand over her mouth! Dramatic commercial break! But it’s just Henry, being even more of a jerk than before if that’s possible. He lets her go after extracting a promise that she won’t scream. She probably wouldn’t have screamed if you had just, I don’t know, asked to come up and see her, or even if you’d knocked and come in using the key Siobhan gave you (which he reveals is how he got inside). He just wants to talk, he tells her. “So you can accuse me of murder again?” Bridget says, crossing her arms.

Henry says he believes her that she didn’t kill Gemma, and now he wants to be sure that she believes him, too. Bridget asks who did kill Gemma, then, and he says, “I don’t know, maybe she walked in on a burglar.”

“And the burglar just took her with him?” Bridget shoots back. Heh. Happens all the time, right?

Henry doesn’t know, but he does insist that she tell him she knows he would never hurt the mother of his [possibly nonexistent, for all we’ve seen or heard of them] children. Bridget doesn’t exactly say yes. Instead, she tells him he needs to contact the police. “And how exactly do I explain the fact that I cleaned up all the blood?” he wants to know. You could just tell them that you’re a moron. No? He goes on to say that he couldn’t look any guiltier, especially since he just called his lawyer about a divorce yesterday. Siobhan will be on the hook once the police figure out about the affair, he points out.

At this, Bridget tells Henry to leave, that she needs some time to think. Henry is not satisfied with this, but he leaves without further complaint. I guess he’s trying to make up for the whole grabbing-her-from-behind thing. After Henry’s gone, Bridget’s phone rings. It’s Charlie.

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