Ringer, S1 Ep6 – The Poor Kids Do It Every Day

Best Friends

And we’re at high school with Juliet, who is in fact wearing some modest, skintight skinny jeans. Everyone stares at her as she enters her first class, because that’s what always happens at high schools on TV or in movies, especially public ones.


It's Logan Echolls! He's a teacher now! Who would have thought?

There is rampant bullying of every new kid. Excuse me while my eyes roll back into my head. Juliet tries to ignore the looks and introduces herself to the teacher, who is played by the very attractive Logan Echolls. By which of course I mean Jason Dohring. He tells her to try to relax and that the school is better than it looks. “How could it not be?” Juliet mutters as she finds a seat.

The empty seat happens to be right in front of a girl who demands in a low voice that the “rich girl” give her five dollars. As Mr. Logan starts his lesson on The Taming of the Shrew (ha! Shakespeare, and her name is Juliet, get it?), the bully girl repeats her demand for the money, and kicks Juliet under the seat when she doesn’t respond right away. Finally, Juliet reaches into her pocket (I don’t know how she can fit anything in there with how tight the jeans are) and pulls out a twenty. “There,” she says, not turning around as she hands it to her, “now you and your family can eat for a whole month.” Ooooh! Bully Girl’s smile of triumph fades as the other students around them laugh. Mr. Logan asks “Tessa” if there’s a problem, and she tells “Mr. C” that nothing’s wrong. Oh, how the tables have turned, Mr. Logan — now you’re the one dealing with obnoxious students!

Bridget has finally decided she needs to try to see Gemma in person. No one answers at the Butler house, though. She’s leaving another message when Henry opens the door and orders her to get inside. A little confused at his tone, Bridget does so. Henry then demands, “Where is she?” Aha — apparently he thinks her comment last episode about dealing with Gemma was all about killing her. So it wasn’t just me who read into that, then! Heh. Bridget denies this, and thinks Henry is a moron for cleaning up the blood and the broken vase — and moving Gemma’s car — to protect her. Which he is. But Henry still thinks she’s lying to him. She points out that he’s the one who looks guilty, and says, “I’m not the one cleaning up crime scenes.” Well, no, not this week.

Henry fires right back that Siobhan was the one who talked about killing Gemma and Andrew. We get a flashback scene to eight months ago of Siobhan and Henry.

Evil Siobhan

I hate this cliche, but... yeah, she's the evil twin.

They’re moaning about how much they wish they could just be together. Siobhan mentions that they could take matters into their own hands … at which Henry looks shocked. Then she rather unconvincingly laughs and says of course she was just joking, and isn’t he just so gullible? And the evil twin just keeps getting more evil. Back in the present, Bridget says she would never do that, but Henry says he doesn’t know what a woman who sleeps with her best friend’s husband, gets knocked up by him, and then kicks him to the curb wouldn’t do. He starts getting in her face, yelling at her and shaking her in a manner that is rather terrifying.

Bridget pulls away and heads for the door as Henry tries to apologize for what just happened. He says he was just trying to help her, and that she knows him — he’d never hurt her. “No, I don’t know you,” Bridget replies angrily, “and I never did.”

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