Ringer, S1 Ep6 – The Poor Kids Do It Every Day

Best Friends

There are good things and bad things about this week’s episode. One of the main good things is Jason Dohring. One of the main bad things is the return of the overdramatic mirror motif. Also, Agent Machado returns, and is just as incompetent as ever…

The episode starts with Bridget tucking Juliet into bed, carefully pulling the cell phone out of the sleeping young woman’s hands. Because kids these days can’t be separated from their phones, you know? Only after Bridget has left Juliet’s bedroom does Andrew finally arrive with the headache remedy from the pharmacy. She wonders what took him so long, and he explains about his little side trip to the Butler house. He mentions that both Gemma and Henry “sounded a bit off” (the man has a gift for understatement), and asks if Bridget might know what that was about. By her shocked expression Bridget thinks she does know. She says she’ll call in the morning to check on Gemma.

Henry cleans

Gemma will be so surprised that you decided to do some house cleaning! Oh, wait.

Meanwhile, at the Butler house, Henry is cleaning up all the bloodstains and broken pottery, with gloves, bleach, and rags. It doesn’t look suspicious at all, no sir.

Next morning, Bridget is leaving yet another message on Gemma’s cell phone, wondering where she is and why she was going to spill the beans to Andrew. Foolishly, she mentions her sister in the message. Will you never learn, Bridget? Then Juliet is leaving for her first day of public school, wearing shorts that are barely more than underpants. Andrew does not approve, and when he turns to Bridget for backup, she points out that the shorts are “a little… fabric-challenged.” Hee. Juliet protests that since it’s public school she can wear whatever she wants (uh, no, there’s such a thing as a dress code) – “the poor kids do it every day.” Nice, Juliet. I wish they would stop naming episodes after things Juliet says. Eventually, Juliet agrees to make a better first impression than that, and once Andrew has left to get the car, she also hands over her stash to her fake stepmom, so that Bridget won’t have to search her room again. Bridget’s hands shake a little as she looks at the drugs (a nice touch by SMG there), but she manages a smile for Juliet.

Henry sneaks into an alley somewhere in the city to dump the bag of bloody rags and shards in a dumpster. I will say right now, although I still don’t feel much (if any) sympathy for Henry in this episode, I did find Kristoffer Polaha to be even prettier than usual. Maybe covering up a crime just looks good on him.

Bridget goes to dump the drugs in the toilet, but her addiction rears its head: she can’t let them go. And here we have our first — unfortunately not our last — mirror scene, as she looks at herself angstily in the bathroom mirror. Then we cut to Henry leaving Gemma’s SUV in the long-term parking at JFK Airport. Once again, not suspicious or anything. Then Bridget is leaving a frantic message on Charlie’s phone about the situation, that she needs to talk to him in person. Right after that is a mostly pointless scene with a girl from Gemma’s work who gives back Gemma’s key for the loft and informs Bridget that no one’s seen or heard from Gemma since the day before.

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