Ringer, S1 Ep5 – A Whole New Kind of Bitch

Lipstick graffiti

This is another rather soap-y episode, not that that’s a surprise. I didn’t like it quite as much as I liked last week’s, but that’s due in large part to the implications of the ominous ending…

We open with Bridget leaving another message on Gemma’s cell phone. Andrew is driving, and Henry is in the back seat. Evidently Gemma left the Hamptons, and no one has been able to reach her since then. In answer to Henry’s question, Bridget looks in the rearview mirror (no, show, you were doing so well avoiding the mirror trope!) and lies through clenched teeth that she doesn’t know why Gemma left, that she didn’t say anything to her. We get a mini flashback to Gemma slapping Bridget and calling her a whore. Bridget frantically tries to get Gemma to believe that she’s not Siobhan, but Gemma doesn’t — at least not yet. As she leaves, she tells ‘Siobhan,’ “You know, I married a first-class liar, but you are the gold standard.” If only you knew, Gemma.

Lipstick graffiti

So this means the stupid picture is ruined, right?

Andrew tells Bridget as they’re on their way to the apartment that he’s sure Gemma will turn up. They’re then both distracted by the loud music coming from inside … not to mention the word “WHORE” written in red lipstick across the giant picture of Siobhan. I was actually pleased when I saw it, because I mistakenly thought it meant we wouldn’t have to see the photo anymore after this.

Bridget jumps to the conclusion that Gemma has been here, so she tries to keep Andrew from going further into the house. But instead of an angry Gemma, we see the house looks trashed from what seems to be remnants of a party, and there’s some blonde chick on the couch. She tries to leave, but Andrew demands to know who she is. “Uh … Erica?” she replies, as if that was a very hard question. After pointing out Juliet on the other couch, she flees.

Juliet is clearly hungover/high. She doesn’t answer Andrew about why she’s not at her mother’s. Andrew presses her for answers, and accuses her of trashing the place and destroying Siobhan’s photo. “I think it’s an improvement,” Juliet snarks, and I can’t find much fault with that comment (much as I’m not usually in favor of degrading terms for women). She says that just because ‘Bridget’ held her hair while she was puking, that doesn’t mean they’re friends now — and no matter what Andrew says, she’s not going to apologize to “that woman.” Andrew returns that this family needs to go back to therapy. Judging by Juliet’s scornful response, that didn’t work so well the first time they tried it.

Meanwhile, Gemma is sitting on a couch in — I guess it’s the Butlers’ house? She’s watching a video recorded during a New Year’s party, where the lingering looks between Henry and Siobhan are very obvious. She does not look pleased. Then Henry comes in (so it is their house) and wants to know why she ditched him. “Everybody’s worried about you,” he says.

“I doubt that,” Gemma returns. I find it somewhat amusing that she’s using a Macbook, but they covered up the Mac logo with something. Guess Apple didn’t want to put their product in this show?

New Year's video

Gemma notices the scar. I notice the screen, which is clearly that of a Macbook.

“All right, what is going on?” Henry asks. “I thought we called a truce yesterday on the beach.” That’s interesting. Then, all casual and seeming concerned, he asks whether Siobhan said something to her, and if they’re having a fight now. You mean, over the fact that you’re a cheating scumbag? “You can be honest with me,” he invites.

Gemma looks at him with the scorn that comment deserves. She goes back to watching the party footage, and notes a shot of what looks like a burn mark or scar on Siobhan’s wrist. Well spotted, Gemma. Henry wants to know what she’s looking at, but Gemma just closes her not-Macbook, demands that he give her some space, and leaves the room. Henry then notices a thick envelope among the mail on the table, from his publishing company. It contains his manuscript and a handwritten note that reads, “Call me.” Hmm.

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