Fringe, S4 Ep3 – Alone in the World

Fungus-infested morgue

Olivia comes in some time later, looking for Walter. Hey, Olivia, remember how you and Walter had that conversation about lobotomies earlier on? Yeeaahh. Olivia hears no response to her calling Walter’s name and trying to congratulate him for saving Aaron. In fact she hears nothing in the lab except a faint metallic tapping noise coming from his office. GAH. She opens his door and her expression does a quick transition from pleased expectation to shock to absolute horror.

Olivia and Walter and the lobotomy

I love you, Walter, but generally, stabbing yourself in the eye is not a good way to *not* be called crazy.

“It’s all right,” says Walter, who is indeed hammering a spike behind his left eye, “the area is completely numb. I know exactly what I’m doing.” Olivia is like “Okay,” and leaves. She does not, actually, and reaches cautiously to take the hammer and spike out of Walter’s hands. Once she’s got some gauze on his face, she kneels in front of him and asks him what the hell he’s thinking.

Lips trembling, Walter whispers that he doesn’t want to be recommitted. He begs her not to send him “back there.” Olivia wants to know what he’s talking about. He says he’s going insane — he’s been having hallucinations and they won’t stop, no matter what he does. At first he doesn’t think it’s important to tell her what the hallucinations are, but when he describes seeing a young man and sometimes hearing him, a look of recognition passes over Olivia’s face. She pulls out the drawing from the beginning of the episode, and it’s Peter, of course. Walter is shocked and asks her how she got it. She drew it from memory, because she’s been seeing him in her dreams for the past three weeks. And at this point, my sister and I turned to each other, shouted, “Yes!” and high-fived each other.

Peter drawing

And do you see how he's all dreamy and stuff?

Walter, still almost crying, smiles a bit and says all this time he thought he was losing his mind, that the hallucinations were part of his psychosis, but he’s perfectly sane! Olivia kindly doesn’t say, “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves” as she puts the gauze back on the bleeding wound on Walter’s face. Olivia doesn’t know who the man is — her facial recognition scans haven’t turned anything up. But, as Walter points out, the fact that they’re both seeing this man means he’s real — and if he’s real, they have to find him. Everyone in the audience agrees!

Well. Like I said, it’s not as full-on excellent as last week’s episode, and the Aaron-Peter similarities were a little heavy-handed. And yet, it was still very good, gripping, creepy, and I can never say enough about the acting of the leads. Jasika Nicole especially had the chance to shine here, in the emotions she displayed even when she wasn’t speaking. They are doing a really good job building anticipation for what the dynamic of our Fringe team will be like once Peter comes back. Which is totally going to be very, very soon!

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