Ringer, S1 Ep4 – It’s Gonna Kill Me, But I’ll Do It


I don’t really like the phrase “game-changer”, but I’m just going to say it: I think we may have arrived at a game-changing episode. You can let me know your thoughts at the end.

We open in the day in NYC, with a weird but happy pop song playing in the background as Bridget arrives back at the Martin apartment, loaded down with shopping bags. As soon as I saw Andrew staring at her in rage, I kind of guessed that (spoiler!) this scene was a dream. Bridget doesn’t seem to notice his simmering anger, as she suggests that they eat dinner at the Chinese place around the corner.

“Siobhan hates that Chinese place … Bridget,” Andrew says coldly, coming closer. (Even though this is an obvious dream sequence, I appreciate that detail. That kind of thing should happen now and then.) Andrew picks up the duffel bag Bridget hid at the bus station, and says “they” thought it belonged to Siobhan, but Andrew knows it couldn’t be hers. He doesn’t know who this Bridget Kelly is, but he wants to know what Bridget did with Siobhan. Aw. Bridget tries to tell him that it isn’t what he thinks, that she didn’t kill Siobhan. “I never meant to hurt any of you,” she says tearfully.

“Don’t apologize to me,” Andrew says, gesturing to someone behind Bridget. “Apologize to her.”

Zombie Siobhan


Bridget turns around and is horrified to see a zombie waterlogged Siobhan walk into the room. Gack!

Then Bridget does that TV wake-up-gasping-and-sit-up thing, which I really think is just a TV thing. Maybe people with PTSD do that in real life, but otherwise, are there really nightmares that produce that effect? I’ve had some bad ones, but I’ve never sat up gasping. Andrew comes in and remarks in concern that she hasn’t been sleeping well for weeks, which can’t be good for the baby.

Bridget suggests that she should maybe get out of the city and go to the Hamptons for the weekend. She could use some time alone. At this, Andrew looks disappointed and sad. “You want to be alone on your birthday?” Oops.

Bridget looks rueful and says in all honesty that she’d forgotten the date, what with everything that’s going on. But it’s not like Siobhan to forget her birthday, according to Andrew, and he says he’d hoped she would let him make it up to her for what happened last year. Bridget quickly says she wants that. So it’s settled: they’ll celebrate her birthday on the beach, the way they used to celebrate it. Andrew is really looking forward to “the usual”, and thankfully Bridget doesn’t ask what that entails, because she’s learned by now not to do that kind of thing.

Next on the day’s agenda for Bridget is to go to that bus locker in East Hampton and get the duffel bag she left there. Good idea, except she fails to notice the security camera! You really have never watched a crime show, have you, woman?

The very next scene is Machado and his friend at the FBI office looking at the security camera footage just sent over by Hampton PD. Machado is thrilled, and states firmly that Bridget must still be in NYC, that she must have told her sister about the locker. Well, you’re half right.

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