Glee, S3 Ep2 – I Am Unicorn

I Am Unicorn
Shelby & Rachel

Somewhere There's A Place For Us

Rachel has commandeered the auditorium, Brad, and the school’s jazz band to rehearse for her own audition when Shelby walks in.   As I remember it, Rachel’s Dads moved her therapist into their spare bedroom when Shelby showed up in “Theatricality,” but now Rachel only almost had to go to therapy because of her, so apparently there’s a lot of ret-conning going on in this episode.  Rachel is understandably hostile to this woman who she feels basically rejected a relationship with her in exchange for a new and improved daughter and a go on Broadway, but she still takes Shelby’s advice on song choice to heart.  Rachel never will become a star or get the lead if she plays it safe.  Together they sing an amazing rendition of “Somewhere There’s A Place For Us,” and I may not be a fan of bringing the character back in general, but Menzel and Lea Michele sound amazing together and I will put up with Shelby as long as it means more amazing duets.

After last week and my comment about Will’s attempts to win the “Worst Teacher On Television” Award, he actually gets a pretty awesome scene where he gets to tell Quinn off for her behavior.  She really is acting like a spoiled little brat and at 18 (ooh, another age drop . . . she’s really 18 already?), she needs to grow up and stop blaming other people for her misfortune.  Time to take some action and try and make her life better herself.  So yay for Will Schuester.  Though I’m sorry, I cannot agree with Becky that this was really sexy.  ::shudder::


And so it begins...

In Shelby’s apartment, which came straight out of a Crate & Barrel catalog (no really, I worked there, I recognize at least half that furniture), Puck’s making a surprise visit.  Apparently he thinks taking one clean drug test and doing a little studying is going to be good enough to get Shelby to allow him to be a part of Beth’s life.  It’s very sweet, and shows just how naive the poor boy is.  I kind of love him.  It’s hard to hate that Shelby and Beth are back when we get great moments of teddy bear!Puck (which I would refer to him as always from now on, but it’s too long to type all the time).

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