Glee, S3 Ep2 – I Am Unicorn

I Am Unicorn

I have to admit I was a little worried when the title for this episode was revealed.  Because, what?  And I’m not entirely sure of how I feel about the whole thing now that I’ve seen the ep, though at least I understand it.  I’m sorry, but unicorns are just kinda lame.  I get where they were trying to go with this, but I guess it just isn’t going to work for me.  Sorry.

So, what did we miss on Glee last week?  Quinn is rebelling, but it doesn’t work as well when Dianna Agron actually looks way hotter with that pink hair.  Blaine transferred to McKinley and he and Kurt are just as adorable as ever.   Santana got kicked out of New Directions, and this really annoying chick named Sugar Matta tried out but was rejected because she can’t carry a tune.   The school is attempting another musical, which always ends well.  This time it’s West Side Story, though.  Julliard doesn’t do musical theatre and so the writers created their own school called NYADA (New York Academy for the Dramatic Arts), so that they can have Kurt & Rachel fixate on doing whatever they have to to get in next year.  And Sue’s running for Congress on a platform of destroying the Arts, because she is a bitter old woman who has nothing better to do with her time.  And that’s what you missed on Glee!

Kurt’s beautifying himself, which really isn’t necessary because if Chris Colfer gets any more attractive, the female, gay male, and maybe even some of those straight ones out there will spontaneously combust.  We see that Kurt still has Blaine’s old Dalton photo and the “Courage” collage hanging in his locker, and how great is it that everything else in the locker changes, but those two remain the same?  Too cute for words.  Brittany waltzes up and starts giving Kurt compliments, which he is clearly surprised by.  And all the women in the audience want to hug him because he doesn’t get told how great he is often enough and that’s just not right.  Of course, being Brittany, she immediately confuses things by being her usual ditzy self.  This time, she tells Kurt he’s a unicorn.  O…kay.  Her explanation really doesn’t help matters, but at least she tells Kurt he’s special and she wants to use her popularity (gained by being a hot dumb blonde who sleeps with a lot of people) to help him win the election.  Kurt accepts.

In the Choir Room

Everyone thinks Artie should help Direct

In the choir room we find out that without Jesse St. James as their lead and Shelby Corcoran as their director, Vocal Adrenaline suck so hard they only get second place at Nationals, so Dustin Goolsby was fired.  They’re vulnerable, and Will institutes “Booty Camp” to teach some of the kids how to dance, which is something he really should have done back in Season 1 when they saw that VA had amazing choreography.  Then again, this is the guy who still lets his kids not only choose their songs at the last minute, but actually write them the night before the competition, so I really shouldn’t be surprised.   Finn knows he’s on the list, but so are Puck, Kurt (“You kind of have one move Kurt, it’s this sort of sashay and it’s really distracting” – Mike Chang), and Mercedes (“Hell to the nizzy No”).  Mike’s going to “help” with these little sessions, which really means teach because we already know Will sucks at it.  Blaine wants in, he says to “catch up” with the rest of them (apparently all that step-touch with the Warblers means he’s behind in the dance moves.  Personally, I thought their moves were better than pretty much anything ND’s come up with), but it’s really probably just so he can spend time with Kurt because of course they are attached at the hip.  Everything is Klaine and nothing hurts.  Except when it does a few minutes from now.

Of course, this new dedication to ND means Will can’t direct the musical (which you’d think would be for the best, and then you get further into the ep and realize maybe it isn’t).  Pretty much every faculty member at the school hates the Glee Club as much as Sue does, so the only people Will could get to direct are Emma and Coach Bieste.  I love how they were apparently just waiting in the hallway for the last five minutes until Will announced them.  According to Will they’re both qualified, though it seems like Bieste is mostly there to keep the Football team in line because they are playing the Jets.  How many Jets do they need?  Surely only a few if you count the boys from ND as taking up at least a few of those roles.  Of course, two Directors isn’t enough apparently and so Artie’s going to be the student Director.

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