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Meanwhile, Walter is becoming more frantic in his search. Peter wants to help, but also wants to calm him down. He reminisces about the time the family used to spend at this house, talking about the whale-shaped pancakes Walter used to make for his son on the weekends. Awww. Walter remembers that, too, and then suddenly he recalls what he has been looking for, and where it must be.

Fringe event map

Could this mean something?!

Olivia’s back at the FBI, having a “suddenly Mulder’s putting all the pieces together like no one else can” moment. She asks for all the files on unexplained phenomena and science and biology. My dear, there used to be another whole division dedicated to that in D.C., and they had a looooot of cases. Using all these boxes and boxes of files, somehow reading them fast enough to not be wasting time, she creates a map of all the Pattern events in the northeastern area of the US. She plots them all, and tells Broyles she has something. She thinks she’s found a connection, and needs to talk to Nina Sharp.

She shows her boss and Nina that many events seem to radiate outward from the NYC intersection, as well as from the soccer field. Nina says that there seem to be “soft spots” in the universe, and these areas may be some of them. That is why Jones is using these areas to try to cross over.

Walter finds an old metal strong box, on top of which is a coin much like the one the Observer showed him. He hands the box to Peter. He tells him that if there was a door between universes that someone opened, people or things from the other side could cross over, and what is in the box is a plug for such a hole, to prevent crossing over. He invented it many years ago, and he knows where he needs to go in order to use it now.

Olivia and Broyles are still looking at the mapped out Pattern events. When they focus on only the older events, Olivia sees that they all seem to originate from Reiden Lake, New York. We see that Jones and his crew are already there and setting up their equipment.

Peter and Walter are already on their way there, too. When they get close enough to stop the car, Walter shows Peter the coin and tells him that he used to collect coins as a boy, when he was very sick and almost died. Peter doesn’t remember, and they’re interrupted by some imposing-looking men dressed in black, demanding that they get out of the car. But it’s only Olivia’s team, and they let Peter and Walter go. They each wonder how the others knew to come here.

In the distance, the window is beginning to open. On the other side, we see rain falling, though there is no precipitation here. The FBI folk begin firing on Jones’ men, but Jones keeps his focus on the machine. Walter tells Peter how to work the plug in order to close the window.

Olivia stealthily makes her way toward Jones. Finally she orders him to stop what he’s doing. He refuses, and the window stabilizes. Olivia fires two bullets into him, but he doesn’t seem to care. He tells her that though the effects of teleporting Jones tries to crossmay be killing him, until they do, they have made him special and her bullets will have no effect. Swell.

He turns to go through the window, and Olivia races toward him to stop him. Just as he is stepping through, though, Peter presses the button on Walter’s device, and the window closes, slicing Jones in two.

Back at the lab, Astrid shows Peter a note. It’s from Walter, and it says that he’s out for a walk, and he’ll be back soon. Astrid asks if they should be worried, but Peter comments that Walter’s never written a note before. “Our little boy is growing up,” he adds with a smile.

We see Walter in the same cemetery where he was earlier. He begins to cry as he stops in front of the same headstone that we never saw the front of earlier. He takes out the coin, and as he sets it on top, we see that the stone reads “Peter Bishop 1978-1985”. I feel that this definitely merits another dun dun DUN!

Nina Sharp calls Olivia at her apartment to fulfill her bargain of setting up a meeting between her and William Bell. Olivia drives to a Manhattan hotel the next day. Just before she parks, she nearly has a collision with another car that pulls out suddenly in front of her. Inside, she waits. Hours seemingly pass, and she finally calls Nina back, but hears that Ms. Sharp is unavailable. Even more annoyed after this call, she gets in the elevator by herself to leave — and then there is an odd flicker of blue, and there seem to be people all around her for a moment. Yet Olivia is alone again when the doors open. A woman greets her and tells her to follow.

The Twin TowersIn the office where Olivia waits, there is a newspaper with a headline about the Obama family preparing to move into the new White House. A man enters, shrouded mysteriously in shadow. He tells her he’s been looking forward to seeing her (and every time I watch this, even knowing what’s coming, I flash to the Alias season one finale and “I have waited almost thirty years for this.”). As he speaks, almost any TV fan will notice that they know that voice. Olivia, for her part, asks where she is and who he is. He steps into the light and it’s Leonard freakin’ Nimoy, introducing himself as William Bell. In answer to her other question… Olivia turns toward the window, where her view pans out until we see the photo on the right.

Chills, I tell you. And that is the end! Tune in soon for my S2 recap.

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