Fringe – Season 1


Back at the lab, Walter finds a complete version of the ZFT manuscript. He reads some of it out loud, and then turns and sees the Observer. The Observer tells him, “It’s time to go,” and Walter silently gets his coat to follow him.

Nina Sharp gets into the elevator at the building where she lives. When the door opens, masked men with guns shoot at her and she falls.

And we’re finally to the season one finale, “There’s More Than One Of Everything”. I believe this was the first episode of the show I actually watched on TV, and I was very confused, although I was also intrigued. Anyway. It begins with Nina Sharp being wheeled into emergency surgery. We see that her bionic arm is damaged.

At the Federal Building, our heroes are watching surveillance footage from Nina’s apartment. There’s audio for it, too, and with some enhancement, we recognize one of the masked men’s voices as coming from David Robert Jones. Olivia notes that Jones’ mask is actually bandages, and wonders why he needs them. Whatever the reason, evidence seems to point to Jones working for William Bell, and she really wants to finally be able to question Bell.

Meanwhile, at Harvard, Astrid and Peter realize that Walter is missing. They start to call various people who might have seen him. Olivia arrives and wants to talk to him, too, to follow up about the Cortexiphan trials.

We cut to Walter, looking quite pensive and walking through a cemetery. He stops in front of a certain headstone while the Observer watches behind him.

Jones in the roadCut again, this time to Jones and a couple of other guys at an intersection in downtown NYC. We can see that the parts of Jones’ skin that aren’t covered look gross and peely and the wrong color. They’re working to set up some equipment that looks rather like those things surveyors use, especially since it’s being set up right in the middle of the street. As New Yorkers are apparently wont to do, passersby give it all a glance before continuing to walk by.

Olivia visits Nina while she is being worked on by a team of specialists from Massive Dynamic. Nina insists that William Bell is not involved in this problem, and admits that Jones used to be an employee but was fired several years ago. Jones felt insulted by Bell, who he used to look up to, and Nina thinks he may be out for revenge against his former mentor. She continues that if Olivia is able to stop Jones from killing Bell, she will set up a meeting between Olivia and Bell. She also tells Olivia that Jones has stolen a power source from the bionic arm.

Window in the airAt the NYC intersection, we see Jones put the energy cell into the device, which then turns on. It beams out a light, which then turns into a shimmering rectangle in the air, like a window. We can see the same street through the window, yet it’s not quite the same. The window isn’t quite stable, and the team works to try to fix it while a truck comes toward it from the other side, heading straight for Jones and the others. Just as it is passing through, the window collapses and the truck is sheared in half. It crashes, but Jones is far more upset by the fact that the machine didn’t work. He says they’ll have to try again at different coordinates.

On a beach somewhere in the northeastern US, the Observer and Walter stand together. They’re looking at a beach house. The Observer hands Walter a coin, and Walter obviously recognizes it, as he asks how he got it. The Observer tells him it’s not the one he’s thinking of, though it’s very like it. It’s from another place, he adds, and “There is more than one of everything.” He tells Walter he needs to find something. Walter can’t remember what it is.

At the intersection again, Charlie and Olivia are interviewing witnesses to the bizarre truck incident. That’s when they hear that one of the men with the machine was wearing bandages on his face. They also learn, to their consternation, that the truck’s registration doesn’t match anything in the database. The truck should not exist.

The Bishops at the beach house

What's up with Walter?

When Nina and Broyles hear that Walter is missing, they both mobilize their forces to find him. Nina receives surveillance of Walter getting off a train in Grafton. Though she offers to have some of her people look for Walter there, Peter says he knows the house where Walter must be headed, and he’ll go find his father himself. He goes and discovers Walter, quite agitated and clearly looking for something in all the boxes in the house.

Olivia demands from Nina that she be allowed to speak to William Bell, saying that she will search the whole world for him if necessary. Nina decides now is the time to tell them that Bell is not, in fact, in this world.

Olivia gets to explain to Charlie how this could be possible, telling him a bit of what Walter told her about alternate realities. And Nina thinks Jones must be trying to cross over so he can find Bell. To his credit, Charlie is astonished but he runs with it. Then they get a call about another incident, a soccer field in another town in the area. Another shimmering door was opened. Olivia wonders why Jones and his men are picking these places.

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