Fringe – Season 1


More investigation, and Olivia starts to think that William Bell may have wanted to create supersoldiers by means of the Cortexiphan trials. She thinks she needs to use her visions to solve this case and save some lives. She has another vision after being confronted pointlessly by an extra-pointless Sanford Harris (who thinks she’s crazy): suddenly the FBI bullpen is more crowded and tense. Charlie is there, but he has a scar on his face that he didn’t have before (at least it’s not a goatee). He asks Olivia why she’s bothering to pursue the case of a pair of twins when half of Boston is in quarantine.

Then someone bumps Olivia, and things are back to normal. But Olivia now has the idea to look for Susan Pratt’s twin. Sure enough, facial recognition finds Nancy Lewis, whose identical twin went missing eleven years ago. Nancy Lewis lives in Boston. How convenient. Unfortunately, we see that the man who gave Pratt the check finds Lewis before the Fringe team does.

When the Fringe team arrives, the door is open and it looks like there has been a struggle inside. The glass of the apartment window looks melted. This gives Peter an idea. Later, as an FBI forensics team processes the scene, Peter cobbles together a machine that can read the sound waves that made an impression in the melted glass. Right. Whatever.

It doesn’t work well at first, but after some calibration and technobabble, we hear a woman’s voice telling someone to get out, scuffling, and then a phone dialing and someone saying “I have her.” They play back the touchtones, and Olivia echoes them on her phone. The person who answers her call is Sanford Harris. I remember being so relieved that he was not only incredibly irritating, but genuinely EVIL.

Olivia gets a team and tails Harris. They follow him to a warehouse, where he meets up with the guy who contacted Pratt and Lewis and started their troubles. Lewis is inside some kind of observation room, strapped to a chair. Harris is saying that “their boss” needs Lewis activated now. Olivia sees a bulletin board decorated with pictures of her, Nick Lane, Lewis, and Pratt, and perhaps others.

Olivia shoots the guard to Nancy’s room, and goes inside to help her — whereupon Harris locks her inside. He gloats that

Harris in flames

So long, sucker!

Nancy is activated now, and that either she’ll learn to control it, or she’ll kill both herself and Olivia, which will be totally fine with him. Olivia talks to a panicking Nancy, telling her that they were both experimented on as children, but that she needs to focus now. Olivia knows she can do it — she just needs to focus on something. We see Nancy start to stare at Harris through the window. Seconds later, Harris explodes into flames. Perhaps it’s tacky to cheer that Harris literally dies in a fire, but I do, every time.

Later, Peter and Walter are at a restaurant together. While Peter is off using the restroom, Olivia arrives and confronts Walter. She demands that he tell her what was being done to the children in the Cortexiphan trials — children like her, Nick Lane, Susan Pratt, and Nancy Lewis. Walter tries to protest that it was all “Belly”’s idea, but Olivia says that even so, Walter is complicit because he was fully aware of it. Walter, becoming more upset, says he was only trying to help the children, to prepare them for what was coming. Olivia wants to know exactly what they did to the children. Walter admits, at the point of tears now, that he can’t remember. Olivia leaves, obviously not satisfied, and as much as John Noble plays Walter as way more sympathetic than you might first think when you learn about the character, I think it was high time Olivia flip out at him. He does deserve it.

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