Fringe – Season 1


Olivia gets Walter to tell her more about Cortexiphan. He says it was all William Bell’s idea, and that Bell thought it could enhance the children’s perception and even give them the ability to change reality or travel between worlds. Olivia figures out that this could mean that Nick Lane has the ability to actually change people’s emotions, to infect them with his own. Peter wants to know what this has to do with Olivia thinking she is killing. Walter almost casually says that in the Cortexiphan trials, the children were often paired together with buddies. The buddies often developed close bonds. And Olivia admits that she may have been treated with Cortexiphan. Everyone is freaked out, although Walter is more apologetic. He knows how to find Nick.

Not!Olivia kisses the stripper

Not actually a lesbian kiss

Next we see Olivia walking into a strip club, where she sits and watches a pole dancer. Pretty quickly, she’s into the dancer, and pretty quickly, the dancer is into her. In fact, they kiss, and the dancer follows Olivia out of the club even though her shift’s not over. Of course, it’s not Olivia, it’s Olivia seeing, describing, and imitating Nick’s actions while she’s hypnotized and asleep in the lab. Everyone gets very uncomfortable and wink-wink-nudge when they realize that Nick has taken the dancer to a hotel so they can have sex, and Olivia is experiencing it.

When Nick is very guilty afterward, having in a way forced this woman to have sex with him, it results in the dancer killing herself. Olivia is quite distressed while watching this, but before she wakes herself up, she has seen where Nick lives.

An FBI raid on Nick’s apartment reveals nothing, except that Nick wears the same grays and blacks that Olivia does, and that he has a wall of newspaper clippings about strange scientific events. Walter and Peter muse as to why all this is happening now, when it’s been twenty years since the Cortexiphan trials. Peter wonders if this lawyer who told Nick he had an inheritance had something to do with it. Olivia speculates that this man ‘activated’ him somehow. Charlie interrupts the discussion to tell them that a security guard downtown saw Nick, and he’s been followed by a crowd of people into a building.

As they go to the building, Walter mentions that Olivia might be immune to Nick’s abilities, so there may be a way for her to stop him without getting caught up. Peter is annoyed that Walter seems to know so much about what’s going on, but still seems to be hiding things. At the scene, they find out that a bunch of people are standing on the roof of the building as if ready to jump.

Olivia, of course, goes up to save them. Nick is pleased to see her, calling her “Olive” and trying to talk to her about their experiences together in Jacksonville. Olivia awkwardly tells him she doesn’t remember, but he says they probably weren’t supposed to. Then he draws a gun and says he doesn’t want this to keep happening. He hands the gun to her so she can stop it. Finally Olivia sees that she has little choice and shoots him in the leg. Everyone except her on the roof collapses, and the others come out of their daze. Nick, however, tells her she should have killed him.

Massive Dynamic takes custody of Nick, putting him in a drug-induced coma. Nina Sharp claims they don’t have records of who else was in the trials.

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