Doctor Who, S1 Ep11 – Boom Town


If I could get away with writing a one word recap, it would be this: Meh.

It’s not a horrid episode. It’s not particularly good either. It’s pretty forgettable actually and just straddles the line of mediocrity, neither memorable for being horrible nor brilliant.

The Plot: One of the Slitheen from earlier in the season (Aliens of London, World War Three) is alive and well and in Cardiff. She plots to use a nuclear power plant and an existing rift in the space-time continuum (from episode The Unquiet Dead) to ride a pan-galactic surfboard off the planet. She is captured by The Doctor, Jack, Rose and Mickey (who shows up to bring Rose her passport). The Slitheen tries to talk her way out of capture, tries to kill The Doctor three times, tries to show The Doctor that she has changed, and then uses Rose as a captive. She ends up looking into the heart of the TARDIS and gets turned into an egg.

The Characters:

  • The RiftJack! Is back! And he is flirting both with Rose and The Doctor. The trio make for fun time-traveling geeks together. He is also a tech geek and falls in love with the pan-galactic surfboard.
  • The Doctor: Awesome as always. He thwarts all three attempts on his life by Margaret the Slitheen in fun, comedic ways.
  • Rose: Is confused for most of the episode over her relationship with Mickey and The Doctor. She gets to play hostage for a few seconds and then is saved by the TARDIS.
  • Mickey: I think the only reason he is in this episode is because he was a major player in the previous Slitheen episodes. He has some issues over his relationship with Rose, and they are not resolved by the end.
  • Margaret Blaine/The Slitheen: I had comments about this character being a little on the dramatic side last time, and the penchant for drama continues. At least she received a second chance at life by being turned into an egg by the TARDIS.

Fun Continuity:

  • The rift that the group is using to recharge the TARDIS is the one that the Gelth tried to get through in Episode 3: The Unquiet Dead.
  • The name of the nuclear power station project that the Slitheen wants to construct is Welsh for Bad Wolf. At least, that is what The Doctor says. Bad Wolf has been popping up all season long, and The Doctor remarks that the two words have been following him and Rose.
  • Chameleon CircuitThe Doctor explains why the TARDIS looks like a police call box. The TARDIS has a chameleon circuit which allows the TARDIS to change into any form to match its surroundings. The chameleon circuit has malfunctioned, and the TARDIS is stuck as a 1960’s style police call box. The Doctor has grown fond of the current shape and has decided to not repair the circuit.

There is also some fun dialogue especially from The Doctor and Jack but other than that and the above, it really just seems like filler. (Now watch this statement come back and bite me at some point.)

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