Ringer, S1 Ep3 — If You Ever Want A French Lesson…

At the Butler household, Gemma is sorry that Bridget won’t change her mind about going to Swan Lake with her, but Bridget stands firm. Gemma will not be going with Henry, who’s currently “working” (Gemma’s quotes) at a cafe — she’ll be going with a girl friend. Then Bridget sees the same picture that she saw in Andrew’s possession of the Martins in front of the Seine River, and she asks Gemma why she has it. Confused, Gemma says it was the Martins’ holiday card. You see, Bridget, nothing sinister there, after all (as far as we know)! Bridget looks vastly relieved.

Nighttime in Paris. Man, I want to go back to Paris, as I do whenever I see a picture of it or hear people talking about it or eat French food or … anyway. Siobhan and Tyler are making out in Siobhan’s lovely Parisian hotel room, with sultry French music playing in the background. Suddenly Siobhan looks ill and pushes Tyler off her. Tyler is confused and hurt, hoping he didn’t do something wrong, but Siobhan bundles him out of the room and tells him she’ll call him. Heh.

Siobhan says goodbye

"But I wasn't really making fun of your ridiculous necklace! Honest!"

Showing admirable self control, she waits until the door is closed behind him to run to the bathroom and throw up. Afterward, we see her looking scared for the first time on the show. Not part of your meticulous plan, huh, Shiv?

Back in NYC, Andrew is still at the office even though it’s presumably getting pretty late. He doesn’t look happy to see Bridget walk into the room, dressed in the fancy gown he bought for her. The wrap that goes with it looks a little awkward to carry, and the dress itself is lovely but huge. Bridget tells Andrew she’s not going to the ballet, and that she wants to explain the divorce attorney thing. Andrew sits back and crosses his arms, clearly thinking, “Well, this should be good.”

“I went to see him a while ago,” Bridget begins, “when things between us were tense.” Andrew and I agree that “tense” is an understatement, but Bridget goes on to say that she had been weighing her options, but now that things are getting better, she wanted to go see the lawyer again to call it off.

Bridget's gown

Reminds me a little of Kaylee's layer cake dress, from "Firefly."

Not shockingly, Andrew isn’t sure if he can believe her. Bridget admits that she thought some awful things about him, but that she wants to move forward and start trusting him. “Do you think you can forgive me?” she asks, looking absolutely gorgeous and repentant. Andrew is wavering, even before she takes off the wrap and reveals the gown in all its glory. (It does look very nice on her, except for the fact that SMG is not a tall woman, and the skirt of the gown is huge. It’s still better than the Madonna Cleopatra thing from last week, though.)

Bridget comes closer to Andrew and continues that what he did for her today, far from not being good enough, was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her. That’s probably true, for Bridget. Andrew stands up, and tells her sincerely that she looks beautiful. Aww.

Oh noooo, it’s the terrible Malcolm scene! Macawi walks out of the darkness toward a terrified, desperate, Malcolm, holding a syringe full of heroin (I assume). Malcolm is being held down by Macawi’s thugs, and his pleas are truly heartrending. Even if you don’t like the character all that much, this is an awful thing for anyone to endure. “Enjoy your trip,” Macawi smirks, as he injects the drug directly into Malcolm’s neck. Eeegh.

Poor Malcolm

Poor, poor Malcolm.

At Andrew’s office, Andrew and Bridget are now standing looking out at the city from Andrew’s window. I find it weird that, after their touching reconciliation, they aren’t even touching each other right now, although they are close together. Bridget remarks that the view is stunning, and Andrew is amused — as if she hasn’t seen the view before. “I guess I’m just trying to look at things with a new appreciation,” she says, turning to look at her very handsome not-really-husband.

Andrew smiles and tells her that if he wants her to trust him, he has to trust her, too. “I hope from this point on, we can be honest with each other,” he says, and Bridget tries to smile back as she says she wants that, too. Sure, she’ll be honest with everything, except for her identity, the baby, that large sum of money she just took out of your wife’s secret bank account, the fact that she killed someone in your loft… Andrew says he’ll do whatever it takes to get back what they used to have together. Aw, again.

In the final scene, Henry is typing away at his laptop when he gets a cell phone call from a private number. A lot of that going around this episode. He picks up, but no one speaks. It’s Siobhan, holding a truly gigantic pregnancy test and looking teary. So she does have a soul. I almost feel sorry for her.

Pregnancy test

Is this the size they sell in Paris?

Well, that was an action-packed episode that really did seem to move things along! The ratings at least weren’t worse than last week, so that’s a good sign. I hope to see the show and the ratings pick up even more next week. I also hope they give Nestor Carbonell better material, as well, because I love him but his character really isn’t very compelling at the moment.

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