Ringer, S1 Ep3 — If You Ever Want A French Lesson…

Back at Macawi’s House of Pain, Macawi is playing the message that Malcolm saved on his phone (whyyy?? You had to know that was a bad idea) of Bridget telling him she was all set to go. Macawi wants to know where she was going, but poor bloody, bruised Malcolm says he didn’t know what she meant. He points out that Bridget didn’t testify, so she’s not a problem if she stays away. Macawi just says, in classic TV drug lord/mob boss voice, “Exactly. I don’t like loose ends.”

Then Macawi holds up Malcolm’s sobriety chip. He’s never been an addict himself, so he wonders what it’s like to have something you can’t live without. Well, uh, you can live without it, which is why Malcolm has that chip. But whatever. Malcolm looks terrified, like he knows where this is going. I began to guess at this point, too…

At Martin-Charles, Olivia has connived a way to get Gemma to find out about Henry’s plan to pull their investment. She makes out like it was all a mistake calling Gemma in, but obviously what she wanted was for Gemma to hear about it, get angry, and promise to talk to her husband about this decision. Gemma does exactly as Olivia planned.

Bridget has evidently taken Andrew up on his suggestion and gone to see the property at 227 Pratt Street. It’s full of various kinds of trash and in general looks like the kind of place that, were this Buffy, would be home to a nest of vamps. I’d get out my stake if I were you, Buf– I mean, Bridget. She bends down to look at a printed notice on the floor. Seeing the warning about an inspection finding asbestos in the place, she mutters that Andrew must have been telling the truth after all.

Then there’s a sound, and Bridget quickly calls out to ask if someone’s there. Who should walk through the door in answer but the European-looking thug from the night of the party! He’s also the same guy who called her on the hit man’s phone, and he wants her to give it over now.

Bridget has a gun

"I can still totally slay you."

Bridget points her (stolen) gun at him — more useful than a stake in this case, I suppose — and demands to know who he’s working for. He just points out that she doesn’t want to have to deal with a second dead body, especially after he took care of the first one for her. Bridget weighs her options and flees, with Euro Dude not far behind her. Thankfully for Bridget, Euro Dude is no match for the speed of NYC cabbies, and she’s safely away before he makes it outside. As soon as she’s in the cab, Bridget dials a number and asks for Agent Machado. Hmm, interesting! What’s she going to tell him?

Machado is waiting for Bridget in an outside park area (Greenwich Village might have been what she told the cabbie), and when she arrives, he remarks that he was surprised to get her call. Bridget just jumps right in with asking how the search for ‘her sister’ is going, not seeming all that invested in the conversation at all. She turns down Machado’s courteous and sort of flirty offer to go back to the office for some really bad coffee while they talk. When she’s less than cooperative, Machado turns it around and tells “Mrs. Martin” that he knows about the large sum of money she withdrew, and the fact that she’s been missing appointments without telling people ahead of time. Bridget is unimpressed — although she’s more responsive when Machado adds his knowledge of Siobhan’s affair with Henry going back six months. He tells her he’s not her enemy, that he wants to help both Bridget and her. As the hit man’s cell phone (I should start calling it the HMCP for short) starts to ring, Bridget just smiles winningly and tells him, “You already have.”

Machado and Bridget

"Seriously, this is all the material they're giving me?"

As poor Agent Machado stands there wondering what the hell just happened, Bridget informs Euro Dude that if anything happens to her, that FBI guy she was just talking to will get the phone. She ignores Euro Dude’s threats that she doesn’t know what she’s getting into, telling him that they both obviously very much want to keep a secret, and she has insurance now. Smart move, Buffster — although you did just irritate Machado even further.

So Henry, as exactly no one is surprised to find, is angry about Gemma having any input into his decision to withdraw their funds from Martin-Charles. Andrew is apologetic about this, but her name was on the paperwork in the first place. Henry whines to Andrew that she’s had her hand on the purse strings for their whole marriage, and whine whine don’t you understand I have such a hard life and Siobhan won’t sleep with me anymore and nobody likes me. Only he doesn’t say the Siobhan part out loud, because he’s not a complete loser, I guess. Anyway, he storms out, and then Andrew confronts Olivia, who’s just on her way into the room.

It turns out Gemma’s signature wasn’t necessary after all, and Andrew is annoyed to say the least that Olivia went behind his back after he told her to leave it alone. He doesn’t want to be lied to by his business partner. People online are speculating that Olivia, at least, is into some kind of shady financial dealings, whether Andrew knows about it or not. We’ll have to see.

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