Ringer, S1 Ep3 — If You Ever Want A French Lesson…

Back at the Martin apartment, Bridget is losing her cool. She tries to get the operator to trace the last number that called the hit man’s phone, but the number is blocked. Then she uses the phone to call Malcolm, who’s a little busy having the crap beaten out of him by Macawi’s thugs. Poor Malcolm.

Bridget stares worriedly at the photo the hit man had, the phone, and the framed photo of Siobhan and Andrew. Then Gemma calls, wondering why she never showed up for lunch. Once again, the baby provides a useful excuse: Bridget says she was at the doctor’s getting her first trimester tests. Gemma sweetly says not to worry, that the baby will be perfect. With parents like it has, it’ll certainly be pretty, provided Siobhan stops smoking and drinking.

Gemma tries to get Bridget excited about going to Fashion Week, but Bridget’s too focused on a business card for a law firm she found in Siobhan’s appointment book. They’re divorce lawyers for the rich and famous.

Olivia ignores Andrew

"I'm just going to go do exactly what I want now, mmkay?"

Back at the office, Olivia runs in to complain to Andrew about Henry pulling out his stake. She’s not worried about losing the Butlers’ money, though — she’s worried about Gemma’s father, who has a fortune, apparently. Andrew reminds Olivia that Mr. Arbogast has his money invested elsewhere, but Olivia says they’ll lose their chanceto get at it if they lose the Butlers. Andrew remains unmoved, so Olivia tells him she’ll “take care of it.” Andrew, you do know that means she’s going to go behind your back and do whatever she wants, right?

Bridget’s in the elevator on the way to the divorce lawyers’ offices, when an acquaintance of Siobhan gets in and starts chattering to her. Bridget does pretty well at being friendly without making it obvious that she has no idea who this woman is, and then gets out at her floor. She also manages to get a fair amount of details from “her” last visit to this attorney from the guy himself without looking too much like she has no memory of it, so maybe Bridget is getting a little better at the not being incredibly obvious thing. Well done, I guess. The attorney points her in the direction of a particular piece of property he says Andrew is lying to her about — it’s worth much more than Andrew told her it was — and says that if Andrew is harming her physically, which he thought based on last time that he might have been, her divorce case will be very strong. Bridget looks upset and disturbed.

Bridget rushes back to the apartment and starts digging around in Andrew’s desk. She finds a file about that property at 227 Pratt Street, in which her sister’s name is misspelled “Siobohan”. Well, there’s obviously something weird going on here. But this is the type of scene that never ends well on TV, and once again, it doesn’t here, either. Andrew storms in, having heard from the husband of the woman in the elevator that his wife went to see a divorce lawyer today.

Ioan Gruffudd does a really good job of looking both furious and heartbroken during this scene, and thereby making me very sad. Even though they’re not actually married and Andrew is going to be hurt when he finds out the truth (which has to happen sooner or later), I really do like Andrew and Bridget together. As Andrew rants, Bridget reaches behind herself and grabs the letter opener on the desk.

Bridget grabs the letter opener

Do NOT stab the pretty Welshman, Bridget.

If you kill Ioan Gruffudd — I mean, Andrew — I will stop watching this show, Bridget. I started watching for you, or rather SMG, but your fake husband is one of the main reasons I’m sticking around.

But Andrew is — of course — not leaning forward to hurt her. He reaches around to pick up the folder for 227 Pratt Street, looking even angrier. He’s told her before that the place is worthless. “If you don’t believe me, you can go there yourself!” he tells her. He says he wishes she could trust him, and that he was a fool to think things were getting better between them. Bridget doesn’t really try to justify herself. Andrew finishes by saying that he’s going back to the office, and that she and Gemma can go to the ballet tonight, and talk about how much they both hate their husbands. Aw. Bridget looks crushed.

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