Fringe, S4 Ep1 – Neither Here Nor There

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Translucent smileBack to Translucent Man, making another notation. His left hand is trembling and he looks sick. So, yeah. Here’s the “Yep, we’re still gross!” moment for this episode: something flows underneath the dude’s fingernail — it looks like mercury, maybe — and then he just pulls the nail right off. EEWWWW. I think maybe another one grows, then? If so, perhaps that’s why Translucent Man then grins a creepy grin as the music climaxes.

Olivia and Lincoln are staking out a commuter station. Olivia breaks the silence by telling him that she knows what it’s like to lose a partner — she lost one, too, about three years ago. In the investigations following a plane crash, he was injured and his skin was horrifically affected. She notes that it was like Lee’s partner, but different. I’m glad the writers (and Olivia) acknowledged those similarities. But this is John Scott she’s talking about, so did Charlie not die? Or wasn’t he her partner, in this version of reality? Olivia goes on to say that she checked Walter out of a mental institution so he could help, but he couldn’t. Huh. I’m intrigued to know how that went, without Peter.

Some other agents radio in at that moment, saying they’ve spotted Translucent Man. They say he’s running through the rail line, blah de blah, Olivia and Lee quickly drive to meet them. When they get there, the other two are under attack. It’s very tense, except we don’t care about the other nameless agents. One of them gets… drained clear, or whatever, and the other one is just shot, but alive. Olivia goes to search the nearby warehouse, and Linc stays to help the guy who’s bleeding.

Ah, the warehouse is TM’s makeshift lab, and he is burning his papers. Olivia finds him and holds him at gunpoint, telling him not to move. But he swings his briefcase at her, and they fight. At first it looks like he’s going to win, since he throws her through several items of furniture. This would have displeased me greatly. However, that’s not the case, and Olivia still wins at fights. This is good.

Our Lee, ready

Seriously. Adorable. And I say this as a big Peter fan.

Lincoln hears the gunshots and climbs up over one of the train cars to see what’s going on. He’s clearly relieved when he sees Olivia walking around through the warehouse window. When he goes back to the fallen agent, the guy’s coming around, and instead of allowing himself to be told that everything’s all right, he tells Lee that there’s more than one to be on the lookout for. Oh, dear.

Lee stands up, gun at ready. He sees someone running away and follows stealthily. He looks a little nervous, too, but when he has the chance, he shoots the other one dead. From his reaction as he stands over the body, I wondered at first if we’re supposed to think he never killed anyone before. Now, though, I think it’s more like he knows this could have been the one who killed his partner and he’s emotional about that.

Later, as the bodies are taken away, Linc asks Olivia who these “things” are and what they’re after. Olivia, whose hair is disheveled from her fight but who seems otherwise just fine, says that the better question is what they are. We pan away, and see… Nadine Park, looking like she’s concentrating, getting less and less translucent. Wait, what? I guess there’s another one of these different, more human kind of shape-shifters, and it has successfully taken another shape? But why would it take the shape of someone it knows they know is dead? I… don’t get it. I suppose it might become clear in time. Heheh, no pun intended. (Get it, becoming clear?)

More sad Harry Potter music as Lee looks through his partner’s effects, back in Hartford.

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