Fringe, S4 Ep1 – Neither Here Nor There

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There’s another body. Unsurprisingly, Linc wants to go with them to the scene. Olivia threatens again that this is going to mean he gets fired, but he insists he might have information gathered from the first scene. Olivia, perhaps seeing a reflection of her own determination, finally nods. She says he can get fired later. Astrid says good-bye to Walter and they head out without him.

It’s a translucent woman who evidently crashed her car after this new weird kind of shape-shifter dude killed her? I think. Anyway she’s been in a crash, she’d dead, and partly see-through. There were a few kids near the scene when it happened, but so far the first responders haven’t gotten anything from them.

Medical examiner

Knock yourself out, psycho-lady.

Astrid talks to Walter over the earpiece. He gets himself some microwave popcorn and watches what she’s seeing (evidently the earpiece is also a camera), telling her not to let the ME near the body yet. After a quick once-over, Walter tells Astrid that they’re going to need to look at her anus, too. Astrid rather hilariously turns to the ME for help, finally just coming right out with the fun request. The ME raises an eyebrow and helps Astrid turn the body over, all, “Oookay.” Hee.

Olivia and Lincoln discuss what they know about the victim, a Nadine Park. It’s not much — just that she was a commuter and had been parked at a local train station. Lincoln points out one of the kids in the group of potential witnesses is off by herself. Olivia nods and goes over to sit on the bench next to her. The girl looks briefly a bit like Morena Baccarin, but unfortunately it’s not. When the girl introduces herself as Olivia, we get to see our Olivia Dunham smile for the first time this episode as she says that’s her name, too.

So the young dark-haired Olivia admits that she heard the crash, and when pressed, says she was on the phone when it happened. She was able to snap a smart-phone pic of the perpetrator.

Olivia compliments Lee on catching that there was a witness. Lee thanks her, adding, “Imagine what I could do with more information.” Olivia seems to make a decision. She says it’s not just two deaths in this case. Then we flash over to Broyles — yay, Broyles! – joining the two of them at what I guess is some very high-security place. Maybe it’s even a part of the Boston office, although it’s certainly very different from what we’re used to, if so.

Mysterious deathsHe introduces himself and hands Lee papers raising his security clearance. The three agents go further in, to a dark room with a lot more than two bodies. All of them, Broyles explains, were killed within the last three days. They don’t know what the connection was — they’ve cross-referenced ages, social backgrounds, even blood cholesterol.


At this, Linc speaks up to say that his partner had Crohn’s disease. He took iron pills. Broyles just trades a significant look with Olivia, and then he leaves the room. Linc moves to stand next to Robert’s body. He looks teary as he says they had been partners for five years, and they were like family to each other — which is something Linc never thought he’d find. I kind of hope that doesn’t mean he has a tragic past like both Peter and Olivia, but I guess we’ll see.

We’re now at some kind of junk machine shop, where September browses, shopping basket in hand. He tilts his head and uses his mystical Observer powers to test some part before picking it up. The proprietor has something else for him, as well. When the proprietor asks what he needs all these things for, the Observer says, as if it’s self-evident, “I need to erase someone from time.” Hee. Also nooooo, don’t do it! Again!

Some random agents are bringing the latest body. Astrid greets Olivia (and Lee) and asks if they know where Walter is. She went out to get him a sandwich (some things never change), and now she can’t find him. Olivia laughs a little at the thought of him being lost, since he’s afraid to leave the lab. Ohhh. Walter’s increased craziness is the saddest change in this Peterless world, for sure. Poor Walter.

As Astrid and Olivia go off to check places in the lab, Lincoln hears a metallic sound and turns toward the sensory deprivation tank. He takes a step closer and it opens, revealing a soaking wet and terrified Walter. “Is it safe? Is he gone?” Walter asks.

Lincoln obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but Walter continues that there was a man there. He clambers out of the tank, continuing to freak out about a man who was there, in the mirror, and when Walter turned around he wasn’t there but he saw him! Yeah, what I said about Walter’s changes being the saddest? Even more true.

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