Fringe, S4 Ep1 – Neither Here Nor There

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Back at Harvard, Walter is speculating about something feeling different in the lab as he pulls a backing dish with a dead pigeon in it out of the fridge. Good to know Walter’s still putting inappropriate things in the fridge. Astrid tells him the only thing that’s been different for the duration of his complaint is that it’s been a week since the two universes agreed to work together. I’m intrigued that, here and in other ways that will become obvious, it’s Walter who seems to notice most that things are different. It’s very fitting with the overarching beautiful love story between a father and son that makes up much of what Fringe is.

Second Peter glimpse

Just behind the lamp - can you see him?

Walter rants in response to Astrid that “That man cannot be trusted”, referring to Walternate. He says that he’d know this better than anyone. Astrid points out, maybe not quite as gently as we’re used to, that Walternate has plenty of reasons to hate Walter, too. Walter seems unfazed. During my rewatch, I totally noticed that in the background of this scene, Gene turns her head, looking shocked (for a cow), and then the camera pans to where she’s looking, and Peter flickers into existence for a moment!

We see a hesitant Lee enter the basement of the Kresge building. He follows the sound of Walter and Astrid’s discussion. As Astrid says something about, “Thank God that Machine didn’t blow everyone up — it could have, you know”, Lincoln enters the lab. Walter is busy with the dead pigeon and a syringe, and barely looks up when Lincoln says, “Excuse me.” Instead, Walter hands him the pigeon, which Linc takes gingerly.

Then Walter injects the bird, and Lincoln looks at him like he’s, well, crazy. The bird suddenly takes off from Linc’s hands, and Walter laughs gleefully as it flies around the room. Astrid is congratulatory, and Linc is even more bewildered. He asks who he’s dealing with just as Olivia comes into the room from her office to ask him what the hell he’s doing here. As a period on the scene, the bird drops… re-dead, and Walter admits that he still needs to work out a few kinks.

Next scene opens with Lee showing her traffic cam photos of her SUV — which is evidently how he found them. Olivia is far from impressed. She tells him that it’s illegal to get these without a warrant, so he’s in big trouble. She tells him to leave, but he grits his teeth and replies that he won’t leave without the answers. Ohhh, Lincoln, you don’t realize how dangerous that sentiment is for whoever says it, from Scully to Peter to you (since Seth Gabel is a series regular now) — because what that means is you’re in for the long haul and whatever craziness it brings you.

He demands again to know what division they are. Olivia says she’ll call his division head, and Lee counters that he’ll call a friend at the New York Times to let them in on a story about a secret FBI division. The lab phone rings just then, and it’s Broyles.

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